Marlboro College

Communities Nicole Haeger

Pursuing a Self-Motivated Education

nicole haeger

On Academics

I like Marlboro's views on self-motivation; that you can only really learn if you want to learn. The workload is difficult, but in retrospect I know I'll appreciate it. And it's one of those things that, as much as I complain about it, I also enjoy it, because it's all stuff that I'm interested in. I would really like to take more religion courses. I'm taking Hinduism right now and I really, really love it. It's my favorite class.

I really like the faculty. They're so easy going and laid back. As long as you have a good communication basis they always try to work with you and make any issue you have work out.

There are also a lot of really cool opportunities, like traveling abroad. I've never really found a school that has a program quite like this one.

nicole haeger

On the Community

It is small. It's really secluded. You're part of a community but not really a part of society in a larger sense. But despite that there's a lot of diversity within. And there are definitely people that I don't know. Even though it's small you're never going to meet everyone.

Everyone is really laid back and it's really open and there isn't a lot of pressure to be much of anything. Once I was in the campus center and I was looking really sad I guess, because someone asked me what was going on and they really wanted to know what was wrong. So even if people here don't know you they still care about you.

I think the Bridges trips are a really good idea. Because I still hang out with my Bridges group a lot. They're still my core group of friends. Going into the college with a group of friends I knew and could rely on was really helpful.

nicole haeger

On the Campus

I really like it. There's no consistent architectural style, and I like that. It's just this mass that's put together and it works. And there are lots of apple trees. I like apples.The hills will suck in winter, what with the ice.

Advice For Prospective Students

Be open-minded and take the opportunities that come your way. There are a lot of lectures that go on and a lot of presentations. And there's the World Studies Program. I didn't get involved in that and now I'm kind of regretting it. So if you hear about something like that going on you should probably take advantage of it.

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