Marlboro College Branch Out

Branch Out is Marlboro's online platform for alumni to connect with each other as well as with current students, faculty, staff, trustees, and friends of the college. It serves as a virtual commons for the full Marlboro College community, a space to share stories, support each other, create interest groups, mentor, offer resources and advice, and give or get a helpful nudge to careers. All in one place. All Marlboro. Dubbed “Branch Out” by one student focus group member, the platform provides real-time opportunities for alumni to both benefit and give back through engagement opportunities, mentoring, events, and fundraising efforts. Similar platforms have been adopted at many colleges and universities worldwide over the last few years, and have been highly successful at increasing alumni engagement during particularly challenging times for institutions of higher education. 

The Platform

There were dozens of platforms for our team to choose from. Market research, product evaluations, and interviews and focus groups with Marlboro College community members were conducted to find the best fit for Marlboro College. Branch Out was ultimately selected because it included the most tools that were identified as critical, and it allowed for the greatest amount of direct access for our users, which emerged as a priority. Additionally, the platform developer committed to partnering with Marlboro College to continue to develop the platform according to our needs. Be sure to let us know what those needs are, from your perspective.

Branch Out officially launched May 1. Current students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the college are encouraged to participate to make this new tool as engaging and useful as possible for years to come. Contact Maia Segura for more information or to share your experience.

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