CCS is a postgraduate program designed for early to mid-career professionals and talented, mature, advanced undergraduates with interest in experiencing a way of working that is interdisciplinary, collaborative and socially engaged. It is for practitioners in the planning and design fields, engineering, business, social sciences, agriculture, environmental sciences and the arts.

Past CCS participants described their experiences as “transformative,” “recharged my batteries,” “gave new direction to my career,” “refreshed my commitment to socially relevant projects”:

I needed to know that this was the type of work that I really wanted to be doing and to experience it again...That type of work is collaborative, talkative, active, messy and working toward a larger goal.

This effort was collaborative to the 10th power.  I have never been involved in a project where I could see everyone’s fingerprints on everything.

I wanted to know what the artist in me would contribute here.