CCS approach to innovation

  • Systems Thinking
  • Critical Inquiry
  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • Community Engagement
  • Effective Communication

In today's world, creative problem solving lies at the interstices of disciplines and in thinking systemically to make connections that lead to socially responsive and sustainable solutions. Complex, global and interconnected problems are manifested locally in urban and rural communities, be they sustainable food systems, community health, economic redevelopment of post-industrial landscapes, the impact of climate change and peak oil on local infrastructure, or affordable housing. They require new approaches that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

The Center for Creative Solutions is on the leading edge of innovative problem solving, bringing together professionals, fellows and participants from diverse fields to work as an interdisciplinary team on a site-specific project, conceiving opportunities and solutions that are unique to a particular place and community, but also become precedents for other communities.  The collaboration includes engaging local citizens and professionals and fostering dialogue that probes prevailing assumptions and ideas in order to envision opportunities and viable options. CCS is a catalyst for infusing new thinking into a community-based issue, builds community by sharing ownership of the problem formation then shares solutions with local stakeholders. At the same time, the CCS learning experience is transformative, expanding participants’ capacity to be social innovators and effective change-makers in addressing real-world challenges.

There will be an application for workshops and a workshop fee for all participants.