Opportunities for Students 

If you are a student who is interested in being a changemaker yourself, check out some of these valuable opportunities for internships, trainings, and conferences. Keep checking back as these opportunities are updated regularly. 


Semester at the College for Social Innovation

Marlboro College is partnering with the College for Social Innovation to offer an exciting new "semester in the city" internship program in Boston, MA geared toward problem-solving and social change. College for Social Innovation's mission is to educate and inspire the next generation of problem-solvers for the world's tough problems. By providing students with real-world experience, students will develop critical 21st-century skills needed to create solutions that meet the challenges facing the world today. As a Social Innovation Fellow you would complete a 15-week internship in a social sector organization, and attend related courses and workshops. The program is structured similarly to a semester abroad, so even though you're off campus you'll get your regular financial aid package, earn 16 full credits towards graduation, and have the opportunity to live in housing provided by the College for Social Innovation.

Marlboro is looking for 2 inspired changemakers that are up for this challenge for the coming spring. Application Deadline is October 29. For more information, please contact Kate Trzaskos at ktrzaskos@marlboro.edu.