About Us

The Center for New Leadership is a project of Marlboro College, in southern Vermont. We are a community focused on exploring and applying new approaches to leadership. Working with mission-driven individuals, organizations, and coalitions, we build leadership capacity through teaching, coaching, and consulting.   

  • We take an inquiry-based approach, informed more by curiosity than by certainty.
  • We cultivate leadership that is responsive, collaborative, and reflective. 
  • We believe shared learning is a critical means for creating social good.
  • We strive to expand the positive impact of the mission-driven sector.
  • We foster joy, balance, and rigor in our work.

We do this through short workshops, longer certificate programs, and individualized consulting.  See our programs.

In October 2018, the Center for New Leadership merged with Common Good VT to form a singular, statewide “one-stop shop” for nonprofit professional development to improve the performance of Vermont mission-driven organizations.

Who We Serve

We serve the mission-driven sector of northern New England, including individual change-agents, nonprofit organizations, socially-responsible businesses, and cross-sector collaborations. We take a special interest in supporting emerging and nontraditional leaders.

Why Center for New Leadership?

At the Center for New Leadership, we always start from a place of curiosity and creativity. Each of our programs, as well as our consulting work, incorporates a thorough assessment of the participants’ current state and goals. In doing this, we make sure to address the actual, core issues and create a greater value for clients—receiving a clear understanding of where they are, in addition to where they are going and the skills they need to get there.

Staff Team

Kim Lier

Kim Lier

Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning
Sonia Silbert

Sonia Silbert

Interim Director for Special Projects and Outreach
Kate McGowan

Kate McGowan

Interim Director, Center for New Leadership
Danette Reynolds

Danette Reynolds

Business Manager

Morgan Webster

Common Good Vermont Program Director