Hot/Mix Workshops

Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies has a storehouse of knowledge and practical experience, and HOT/MIX is a repeating series of free, short workshops designed to share some of these insights with local and regional professionals. It’s Marlboro’s way of saying “thanks” to the local community.

"I think MIX is a very valuable resource for professional development and networking, and another great example of what value the Marlboro College Center for New Leadership brings to the community."

– Chloe Learey, Executive Director of Winston Prouty Center for Child Development

MIX (Management Ideas Exchange) is a free, lunchtime workshop series sponsored by the Center for New Leadership at Marlboro College. Directors and staff of mission-driven organizations are invited to join us for network opportunities, best practices in organizational success, and the exchange of ideas. With topics ranging from “Managing Organizational Change” to “Calming the Storm: De-escalating High-Heat Encounters,” these workshops build on the experience of participants to reach new horizons in professional efficacy. Each session will be presented by an instructor from one of the Marlboro graduate degrees in management, or by a local nonprofit, government, or business leader.

HOT (Hands On Technology) is a free, evening workshop series provided by the educational technology program at Marlboro. These workshops are helpful for anyone who is interested in using technology more effectively, in their workplace or in their home. From “Simple Tricks for Stunning Presentation Slides,” to “Search Engine Optimization,” to “Google Docs,” these hands-on workshops will provide skills that you can apply right away. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops. Look for new HOT programming Fall 2016.

Both HOT and MIX workshops are free, but please register in advance on eventbrite.

Upcoming HOT / MIX Events

From September to December 2016, MIX workshops take place the second Tuesday of each month (except November which will be on the 3rd Tuesday) from 12:00-1:30pm.

New this fall, all Marlboro MIX workshops will take place at the River Garden as part of the Strolling of the Heifers Brown Bag Lunch series.

Join us for: 


"Do You Want to Become a Gold Star Board Member" with Abbie Von Schlegell - Tuesday, September 13

If you currently serve on a nonprofit board or are considering service, this workshop will provide you with concrete facts and methods to be a Gold Star Board member! You will explore trends fueling boardroom deliberations; learn about new approaches being taken by nonprofits; tackle tough questions every responsible board is asking; and share ideas and solutions to today's challenges.

Free Registration


The Importance of Keeping Customers Even When You Make a Mistake with David Williamson with David Williamson, Tuesday, October 11


Seeing the experience of a service interaction through the guest's eyes is at the center of great service delivery, but what happens when it goes wrong? This class will explore some of the ramifications of service failure, and the value of going the extra mile to recover a service failure. How important? Well, here's a hint to think about before we meet in person: It costs from 4 times, to as much as 30 times, to acquire a new customer, compared to retaining an existing one. 


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Play it Forward: An Afternoon of Compassionate Creativity with Kali Quinn, Tuesday, November 15


What do you do when you don't know what to do? Author, performer, and teacher Kali Quinn recently completed a 10,000-mile trek bringing her new book, I Am Compassionate Creativity, into the homes and hearts of people throughout the US. She arrives in Brattleboro to share stories from her tour experience and her book, offering a rejuvenating afternoon that focuses on the power of vulnerability, presence, and empathy. An enlightening, interactive experience - especially for business professionals, medical practitioners, and educators.


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The Season of Giving:  What do you need to know when giving or receiving philanthropic gifts? with Maryann LaCroix LindbergTuesday, December 13

This session will take advantage of the holiday “Season of Giving” to explore the world of philanthropy from both the perspectives of a donor and the organization receiving a gift.  All participants will learn how to be informed, knowledgeable donors and how to think about the gifts they make, and those who represent non-profit organizations will learn about their responsibilities as gift recipients and gain insights into how to make their organizations as donor-friendly as possible.


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Questions? Contact Julie Jansen,, 802-258-9204