Graduate Student Services

By definition, Marlboro students are creative and independent people, skilled in the crafts of problem solving and leadership. That will not keep you from having the occasional question about your academic projects, your course of study, or what resources are available to you as a student. Marlboro is pleased to provide capable individuals in key positions who will make your life as a student easier to navigate. 

    • Cathy Fuller, registrar for undergraduate and graduate & professional studies, is your go-to person for most issues regarding your courses, curriculum, tuition, or transcripts. Her phone number is 802-251-7609.
    • Jayne Rivers, director of financial aid, is there to answer any questions you might have about what forms of financial aid are available to Marlboro students and how to apply. Her phone number is 802-258-9312.
    • Beth Ruane, director of Marlboro’s Rice-Aron Library on the undergraduate campus, can help direct you in your research needs. The library has more than 75,000 printed volumes, 200 periodical subscriptions, online databases, and access to an extensive inter-library loan system. Her phone number is (802) 451-7577.