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  • Bungee Jumping, the Dance

    Blog: Study Away Blog
    One of my favorite courses at Trinity Laban is Choreography, which invites our independent artistic and creative endeavors. I look forward to it everyday Tuesday evening because it’s a chance to play with movement ideas and occupy the position o...
  • Final Exams at Laban

    Blog: Study Away Blog
    Now with my exciting term at Trinity Laban sadly coming to a close, I’m able to reflect on the differences between this conservatoire environment and Marlboro College. There are plenty of differences—too many to list. But the one that stands ou...
  • First Year Forum Starts Us Off Right

    Blog: Student Life Blog
    Starting this year, First Year Forum was introduced as a way to help integrate new students into Marlboro College’s unique community. Launched by Catherine O’Callaghan, assistant dean of academic support and advisins, and Jeremy Holch, director...
  • Too Many Goodbyes

    Blog: Study Away Blog
    This morning, I said goodbye to the friends I made at Laban, to my housemates and to the memories I’ve collected over the months. I’m not heading back home quite yet though. I’ve decided to take a month to explore Europe and collect Plan rese...
  • Home Days Dance On By

    Blog: Student Life Blog
    In early October, Marlboro College celebrated Home Days, a weekend when visiting alumni, families, and prospective students arrived on campus to a foggy autumn mountainscape. It was the peak of fall foliage, and Marlboro’s beautiful campus was do...


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