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What’s Next For Marlboro

Update from the Campus Working Group

Marlboro College has formed a College Campus Working Group (CWG), composed of select members of the board of trustees, Marlboro Town Select Board and college alumni representatives, and elected members of the college staff, faculty, and student body. The CWG has been meeting regularly since December 9 to solicit proposals and ideas for future use for our beloved college campus. As academic programming shifts to Emerson College in Boston, the Campus Working Group welcomes proposals and leads from community members with the hope of making a recommendation to the Marlboro Board of Trustees and Emerson College for a project or institution that will maintain the values and integrity cultivated during the long tenure of Marlboro College.

The CWG is seeking proposals from organizations, businesses, and individuals for endeavors that would benefit the community and make productive use of the Marlboro campus. Proposals should be made by the person or entity intending to implement them and include a financial offer demonstrating clear financial and organizational capacity to care for and maintain the campus. All proposals must be compatible with the Marlboro Music Festival’s summer use and lease of the campus.

Inquiries or proposals should be sent as soon possible via email to the Campus Working Group Co-chairs Sara Coffey and Dean Nicyper (contact email: and Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will be held in the strictest confidence.

A detailed listing of campus assets, including buildings and properties, resources, ecological reserve information, and other pertinent considerations is currently under development, and will be available upon request.

The Campus Working Group appreciates the valuable contributions and insight of the community and looks forward to helping establish a positive outcome during this institutional transition.

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