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Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

Dear Marlboro College Class of 2020,
I write to you on a day that we have all looked forward to, most especially each of you who have worked hard to arrive at this moment. Over the past four years I have appreciated your passion for the special place that is Marlboro and enjoyed watching you develop into individuals who are now poised to make a difference in a world that desperately needs your talents and passions.
The opportunity to gather as a community to celebrate your achievements, reflect on our shared experience, and celebrate the rich traditions that are at the heart of the Marlboro experience is a moment I value each year. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic does not allow us to gather in person this year. Despite that, today the entire Marlboro community honors you, no matter where we are.
By May 30th you will receive a package from the college as well as a video commencement ceremony so that you may celebrate with your families and friends when you are able to. Our hope is that next year, when we expect this pandemic to have passed, we may gather to celebrate in person with the class of 2020.
Congratulations on all you have achieved the past four years, but most especially what you accomplished this spring in the face of extraordinary challenges. My thoughts are with you and your families during this proud but poignant moment.
Kevin F. Quigley

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