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What’s Next for Marlboro

Updates from the Strategic Options Task Force

Adirondack chairs take in the view from campus.Since November 2018, the Marlboro College Board of Trustees has entrusted a task force, composed of faculty members, alumni and non-alumni trustees, senior staff, and a student, to navigate the search for strategic partners that would make Marlboro sustainable. This was in response to the challenges shared by many other small colleges in New England, from rapidly changing demographics to evolving expectations for graduates.

Marlboro is privileged to have assets and strengths that some of our less fortunate neighbors, several of which have closed in recent years, don’t have. We are taking advantage of this position to find the ideal partner, with the assistance of EY-Parthenon, a well-respected consulting firm.

If you are curious about developments in this search and the ensuing negotiations, you have come to the right place. While we are bound to protect the necessary confidentiality of potential institutional partners, we promise to post updates or related information here at least monthly, if not more regularly, depending on events. In the mean time, you are encouraged to send your own suggestions using the form below.

We’d like to hear your input about where Marlboro is headed. Please share your brief suggestion below, as well as a clear articulation of your rationale and how your idea can be best achieved.

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