Lynne Fuller, MSM-HCA

Moving forward in health care administration

After working at the Brattleboro Retreat for 12 years, Lynne Fuller still finds her job as the lead admissions coordinator fast-paced and extremely rewarding. But she really wanted to further her knowledge of health care administration so she could move forward in her profession and contribute more to her employer.

"At about the 7-year mark I started to get ‘the itch' to branch out and do something a bit different," said Lynne, a student in the new MSM-Healthcare Administration program.

"At Marlboro College Graduate Center, I hope to learn leadership skills, applicable management styles, and a greater sense of how to move the health care sector into the 21st century business world."

Lynne was drawn to MCGC because of the flexibility it offers, with one night a week in class, the challenge of online interaction with other students, and the programs relevance to her current work. She saw it as an opportunity to challenge herself and work toward doing new horizons in her career.

"I never thought that learning could be so interesting," said Lynne, who especially enjoys her "cohort" of other students in her program, from a range of backgrounds. "Being an adult learner is certainly very different than my undergraduate experience. I like the small class size, and the cozy feel of the graduate center in general. I don't feel like ‘just another student' here. I am recognized, respected and appreciated."

"Lynne is an excellent performer, and has a very good understanding of her job and those duties of the admission's department staff," said Kirk Woodring, director of ambulatory services and central intake at the retreat and Lynne's supervisor. "My hope is that this program will broaden her perspective to larger hospital systems, and prepare her to understand the intricacies, nuances and ‘grey areas' of managing a large organization that is dependant upon the cooperative operation of many smaller systems."

"I believe she is gaining a more global perspective," agreed Michele Noel, who works with Lynne on a daily basis as director of contract negotiation and utilization management at the Retreat. She said she can always count on Lynne to get the job done and do it well.

Although Lynne has not designed her Capstone project yet, she plans to do something that can be directly applied at work to help it compete in the rapidly changing health care sector.

"My hope is that my Capstone will be of great benefit to the Brattleboro Retreat, and will help the Retreat start to make that leap into the business sector."