Sarah Pidgeon MBA '18

For her Capstone project, Sarah collaborated with the New York Department of Education to create online communities of practice to support environmental education in the New York school system. Since graduating in May 2018, she has been promoted to co-director of programs there.

“The Marlboro program changed my life," says Sarah. "The blend of personal leadership development, community building, and traditional management skills has left me feeling more confident and prepared than ever before.”

Looking back, Sarah reflects on why she chose Marlboro, and how that choice impacted her career. “When I came to visit Marlboro college in 2016, I had the opportunity to sit in on the community circle, and I knew I was in the right place. One of the most beautiful things about Marlboro is the thread of community and collaboration woven throughout the curriculum and program. Everything from circle to community dinners to exploring collective impact. We cannot solve the world’s most complex problems without learning how to work together.”

Sarah appreciated the practicality of the Marlboro education, combined with the system-level viewpoint. “I am grateful for the practical skills I learned at Marlboro, and for the courses that allowed me to implement what I was learning right away. Learning about Results Based Accountability and systems thinking has completely changed how I approach program design and evaluation. My new capacity for seeing the bigger picture and identifying leverage points is significant to me. My ability to more accurately determine essential performance measures has transformed how I approach my work.”

“My increased self-awareness coupled with new skills and knowledge has contributed to me becoming a better leader in work and life. I am more organized, manage stress better, and I am more thoughtful. As I reflect on my experience, I am blown away by how much I have grown in how I care for myself, care for others, and work collaboratively. I will continue to apply everything I have learned at Marlboro in my life and career. I have learned so much from the co-chairs, the faculty, and my peers at Marlboro and that experience will resonate with me for the rest of my life.”