Boukary Sawadogo - French

Boukary Sawadogo publishes book on West African film

Marlboro’s inimitable professor of French, Boukary “Abou” Sawadago, has authored a new book on films from Francophone West Africa titled Les Cinémas Francophones Ouest-Africains. Published in February by L’Harmattan, Abou’s book investigates the portrayal and experience of marginal figures in films made in Mali, Cote d’Ivoire and other West African nations between 1990 and 2005.

“The book is a study of films through the prism of marginality,” said Abou, who joined the faculty at Marlboro College in September. The marginal figures he focuses his study on includes women, homosexuals and madmen, responding to a void in academic studies of marginality in films from the region. “It showcases ongoing changes in Francophone West African cinematic productions, and analyzes the filmic treatment of marginality and its aesthetic and narrative implications.” Providing a critical analysis of the changes in West African film since 1990, Abou draws upon feminist, queer and film theories as well as key notions such as otherness and social and political engagement.