Marc Wu

Small is Personal

On choosing Marlboro 

When I was at my local library, I happened to pick up Colleges that Change Lives. Coming from southern California, I have always thought I would go to a large state school. But I wanted something alternative, and when that book just fell into my hands, it was a really lucky situation. I wanted to go the smallest route possible, and few colleges are smaller than Marlboro.

On getting to know the college

I visited at the end of winter. Being from California, it was a shock at first. It flipped my world upside down. But then the size truly impressed me. I was looking for a school where I could really talk to the professor and get to know him or her on a personal level. At another school, professors would be busy writing books and doing research, and they wouldn’t be involved in the life of their students like they are here. That’s what really caught my eye at Marlboro. It’s intimate.

On academics at Marlboro

The big thing with academics here is that you can personalize not only what you are studying, but how much of it you would like to study. It depends on the individual student as to how much he or she would like to take on. It really relies on the individual to see what one can accomplish. 

Advice for incoming students

Be very open-minded about every aspect of Marlboro: The courses, the community, etc. I’ve taken courses that I thought might be iffy for me, that ended up being my favorite of the semester. Participate in your community, join committees, throw yourself out there and get yourself talking to other people.

On studying Mormonism

I’ve always been generally interested in religious study and theology. These past couple years, Mormonism has caught my attention. Mormon studies is a really new discipline—it’s only been around for a decade—across the United States. It’s really exciting. The great thing is that there are so few scholars in the field; I can just email and ask them about their books I am reading and they can give me advice for others I might be able to read, or other scholars I can contact. Most specifically I am probably going to focus on the Book of Mormon and how it relates to the Hebrew and Christian Bible, studying the hermeneutics and the place of the Bible in Mormonism.

On integrating socially as a married student

Alison and I have a really close-knit group of friends, and we like to expand and take people in and get to know other people. We think it’s a great way to introduce ourselves in the community. I felt my time here at Marlboro is much more gratifying because of my relationship. It keeps me on top of my studies.