Martina Lantin - Ceramics

A Crowning Achievement

"I look back in history for inspiration—largely to the era of burgeoning industry and consumer culture,"  writes ceramics professor Martina Lantin, by way of introducing her article in the March/April 2011 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated. "I explore functional forms that reflect industrial traditions, seeking to make work that may be, in some way, indicative of the eminence of the owner."

The form in question for Martina's article is her crown jar, a piece of earthenware featuring a pinched lid and handbuilt knob that evokes regal diadems worn by kings and queens in centuries gone by. But as Martina points out, her inspiration comes not only from the cultural impulse to signify wealth through pottery, but from the Crown brand name of a Canadian canning jar manufacturer. "My crown jars are equally capable of holding the collected bounty of a batch of cookies or the ideas and aspirations of its owner," she writes.

This PDF of the article, which contains step-by-step photos and recipes for making the gloss and white slip, is available by permission of Pottery Making Illustrated. For more information about Martina's artistic work, visit