Community Government

Marlboro College is a self-governing community, which means that every member of the campus community has a say in how the college is run. Students, faculty, and staff gather regularly for Town Meeting, an assembly modeled after traditional New England town meetings, to discuss and vote on college-wide issues. Every attendee gets one vote, including the college president.


Marlboro students, faculty, and staff all serve on committees overseeing areas such as curriculum development, faculty hiring, environmental quality, food services, social events, and housing. Committees generally meet once a week and report relevant developments to the broader community at Town Meeting. SEE A COMPLETE LISTING OF COMMITTEES


A group of nine elected community members, known as the selectboard, is responsible for organizing and leading Town Meeting. The selectboard also serves as a general steward of the campus community’s wellbeing and represents student interests in meetings with the administration, faculty, and other groups.