Financial gifts from Marlboro alumni, parents, and friends help sustain and strengthen the college in a number of key ways:

  • Student and faculty support – The first and foremost beneficiaries of the Marlboro Annual Fund are students and faculty. Your gifts fund student scholarships, give faculty the means to develop innovative curricula, create opportunities for student-faculty research, and bolster other vital learning and teaching activities.
  • From lights to kayaks to snowplows – Like every organization, Marlboro has annual operating expenses that must be covered in order to keep the O.P. kayaking, the snowplows plowing, the coffee shop frying, the library researching, the theater Shakespearing, and so forth. Your donations make it all happen.
  • National visibility – Having a high percentage of alumni, parents, and friends who donate helps convince others of the value of a Marlboro degree. Every single gift—whatever the amount—raises that percentage and, in turn, broadens the college’s visibility among prospective students as well as among graduate schools and employers.
  • Foundation support – Alumni giving is of particular importance. Many philanthropic foundations look to alumni giving rates as evidence of a college education that is changing lives and therefore worthy of financial backing. The more alumni who give, the more persuasive our proposals for foundation support will be.

For information on how to make your gift to Marlboro, reference our ways to give.


Thank you to everyone who donated to our fall appeal! Because of your generosity, we have outpaced last year’s fall appeal by approximately $7,000. As we head into 2016, the campus feels energized by the arrival of 7 new students and 25 "Movies from Marlboro" students, as well as positive feedback about the Renaissance Scholars Program from our alumni and supporters. Please help us keep the forward momentum going by making a gift to support our Annual Fund goal of $1.85 million dollars.

Ways to Give

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