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Financial gifts from Marlboro alumni, parents, and friends help sustain and strengthen the college in a number of key ways, including student and faculty support, facilities, and annual operating expenses from kayak adventures to snowplowing. Your gift also broadens the visibility of the college among prospective students and employers and encourages foundation support.

For information on how to make your gift to Marlboro, reference our ways to give.

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 2018 ANNUAL FUND GOAL is $1,500,000

How can you help support the students of today? By contributing to the Annual Fund. Every dollar raised for the Annual Fund goes directly toward supporting faculty, students, staff, physical plant, and general operation of the college. While challenges continue to exist for enrollment at small, rural liberal arts colleges, together we can achieve our goal. Just as Town Meeting gives a voice to all on campus, the Annual Fund is an opportunity for every voice to be heard. Raise your voice and give today

Rennie Washburn Joins Development Team

Rennie Washburn joined the Marlboro College community in January as the Director of Advancement. Rennie comes to us with 17 years of experience in many different facets of development work, most recently at Northfield Mount Hermon where she was the director of alumni and parent giving. She looks forward to getting to know Marlboro folks on and off campus and encouraging their strong connection to and financial support of the college.

"I see Marlboro as a place of tremendous opportunity, both for our students who want to engage in the serious pursuit of a unique education and for our supporters who can help to make that happen," said Rennie. "I look forward to getting to know Marlboro's alumni, parents, and friends, and sharing that opportunity with them. Arriving halfway through this year, I was encouraged to see how many of you have already supported the Annual Fund, and I hope that many more of you will join your friends in demonstrating your love of Marlboro with a gift before June 30."

Rennie will hang her hat on Mather's second floor and will also spend her time traveling around to get acquainted with many of you and hear your stories. Please welcome her when she arrives in your cities and towns, and share your Marlboro experience with her. 

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