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So what are groups?

In LiveWhale, groups equivocate to sites, or separate “buckets” of content, pages and user access. Whenever you need distinction between collections of events, or images, or anything else you might give users access to edit, you typically create a separate group.

Some examples might include highly-curated landing pages, like the Home Page, or the Alumni Gateway, to academic department and divisions, like Physics, to administrative offices like the Bursar’s Office.

What’s different about users?

One of the most important aspects of LiveWhale is that all content is not owned by the user, but by the group. Users may move amongst the groups, or just belong to one.

Users are able to edit the content of their home group plus any others for which they are allowed to “group-switch.” To allow a user to group-switch, edit their user and check off Manage content for other groups, and select the group(s) you want them to have access to.

How do I keep that person from mucking up the homepage?

Easy. Permissions are set up so folks can only edit what you want them to. Here’s a breakdown:

• Make edits to public webpages
• Make changes to public webpages live

• Edit dynamic content (including files, images, and places)
• Allow access on a per-module basis: Blogs, Blurbs, Events, Forms, Galleries, Stories, Profiles
• Add, edit, and delete navigations, create and delete pages

• Publish dynamic content (i.e., set to Live)

• View sitewide activity stream
• Manage globally shared content
• Manage content submitted by public users
• Manage widgets

• System administrator (catch-all)
• Manage groups and users
• Show file browser
• Edit raw page source code for templates

Admins have superpowers (at least that’s what we call it).

An administrator is a special type of user who possesses unrestricted access to all aspects of LiveWhale. These include:

  • Access to the activity stream
  • Access to the backups module
  • Access to send bulletins to users
  • Ability to export LiveWhale data
  • Ability to manage users/ groups
  • Global page editing permissions
  • Ability to switch to all groups


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