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Homepage Garden

How to add or edit stories in the homepage garden.

  • Switch into the Homepage Garden group.
  • Go to Story Blocks.
  • Add a new story or choose a story to edit.
  • The title will appear in large font, inside the story block.
  • Upload an illustration, a full background photo, or a video still if you’re including a video.
  • Add a link for when the story block is clicked:
    • Link to another page on the Marlboro site using a relative path. For example: /live/profiles/43-todd-smith
    • Or, link to a different website using the full website url:
  • If including a video, add the YouTube ID for the video.
  • Select the type of image you uploaded.
  • If the image is an illustration, you can optionally add CSS to offset the illustration on the left or right side of the box. 



Stats and Facts from the Marlboro Web Team group appear in the Homepage Garden, if tagged with homepage-garden.

To change the photo behind the statistics, go to the stats & facts Story Block in the Homepage Garden group, then upload a different photo.


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)