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Web Style Guide Navigation

The Basic Page Template

Although there are several templates used throughout the Marlboro site, most pages are built on a standard page template with a flexible set of editable regions. This lets page editors create a variety of layouts within a single template.

Here’s what this page looks like while being edited:

A screenshot of page editing in LiveWhale.

Here’s a brief description of each of the editable regions (outlined in yellow).

Main content area

Although technically optional, it’s highly recommended that every webpage on the Marlboro site begin with a short (1-2 sentence) introductory overview of its contents. This helps visitors quickly determine if this page contains the information they’re looking for.

This space can be used for a small image to accompany the primary page content. It’s truly optional; if left blank, the main content will be full width.

This is used for the main content of the page.

left-column and right-column
These optional content areas can be used to create a two-column layout. If only one area has content, it will display at full width.

This is an additional optional full width content area, to be used along with the left and right columns as needed.

Sidebar content areas

related-links-header and related-links
The “Related Links” element can be used on any page to list useful “quick links” that your visitors might need quick reference to.  The area is optional; if the related-links area contains no content, the entire element will be hidden.

This is an additional content area below the navigation and related links; it can be used for a news story or photo widget, or any other secondary information that might be useful to page visitors.



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