When in Bath...

Alta Millar, November 01, 2018

Trinity Laban, my host institution while abroad, recently had their mid-term break. It’s a week meant for studying, exam preparation, and some much-needed relaxation. I knew that I wanted to make the most out of this break, since I’m only studying here for one term. This was a call for adventure, so I packed my bags and went with my friends to a cute little city in England called Bath

There were many highlights in this trip, such as going to museums, eating classic British meals and having my first traditional afternoon tea. But what sticks with me the most, on reflection, was simply walking around and exploring with my friends. It made me feel like a child again, frolicking in new streets and letting my interest lead me to the next destination.

On one of these adventures, my friends and I stumbled upon a Roman bath. It should be said that these are pretty much all over the place—figures since the city is named after them. Centuries ago, ancient Romans discovered a way to make natural hot pools. These baths were made as a communal space for socializing and relaxing.

The particular bath we found had a whole fancy spa department next to it, with steam rooms, facials, and overpriced massages. It was modernized, to say the least. My friends and I decided to treat ourselves and buy a ticket for two hours access to the spa and Roman bath.

I have never felt so pampered in my life. With marble seating in the steam rooms, calming essential oils everywhere, and fancy hydrating drinks in-between rooms, I practically melted out of joy. I hadn’t realized my body was so tight and overworked until I got into the infamous bath. My muscles, having been so sore and tired from dancing, finally had a moment to release.

And this wasn’t even the best part—When my friends and I explored further in the spa, we found a rooftop pool! Let me just repeat for emphasis on this level coolness, a rooftop pool. During sunset! It was something straight out of a movie. It’s these kinds of moments and absurd experiences that I’ve been enjoying so much while studying abroad. The snippets and collection of stories I’ve been gathering are what’s going to stay with me the most when I return home.

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