10/09/2019 Town Meeting Minutes

Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability what happens during Town Meeting. With questions or comments please comment here or email selectboard@marlboro.edu.


Town Meeting Agenda:


  1. Treasurer Address
    1. we may be making changes to our budget, since the proposed budget from the spring doesn’t reflect current enrollment, and if you have opinions/ideas/suggestions you should come to the next Selectboard meeting on Tuesday 11:30-1:30
  2. Land Acknowledgment
    1. please take the time to read the full thing below, Nelli reminded us to acknowledge the people on whose land we are gathered
  3. Washer/Dryer Funds Request Deliberation
    1. Town Meeting has voted to use $1,269.88 from the Washer/Dryer fund to purchase two new treadmills
  4. Committee Reports
    1. listed below
  5. Announcements
    1. listed below




Tanner, Selectboard treasurer: Hello, just highlighting that the proposed budget that we passed in the spring semester didn’t reflect our enrollment numbers now, and if you read the minutes from last Selectboard meeting, we’ve started discussing bringing a new budget to TM… there’s a few things we need to update… we will also be sending out the budget and looking at spaces where it’s possible to reduce our spending, we’d encourage people to send ideas/suggestions to Selectboard, attend next Selectboard meeting next Tuesday, 11:30-1:30




Nelli, professor: Diversity and Inclusion task force asked me yesterday if in preparation for Indigenous People’s day if I could make an announcement, I agreed to do it, I want to say that, it’s emotional for me, and I’m explaining it to you, not apologizing that I will be emotional, I also come from a people who have experienced genocide, even with my family, no one in my family wasn’t alive because of it but growing up with that collective consciousness and around people who have it has a more visceral presence in me, so I would like to acknowledge and honor Western Abenaki people on whose land we are gathered today… land acknowledgments have become more common in the last few years, but one thing I would like to point out so that it doesn’t become a box that we check so it doesn’t become fashionable at events, intro classes, but why do we do acknowledgment, what’s the importance… through this land acknowledgment in Town Meeting I hope we’re marking a moment to bring into our collective awareness whether we are settlers or not to acknowledge the people who lived here before colonization and have been affected, whose lives have been decimated, lands, lives, food, ceremonies, making way for other ways of life, we are oriented towards them, histories have been inherited, we are existing on this land, it’s one way of calling the community’s attention ahead of observing the first official Indigenous People’s Day, this is a way of orienting ourselves towards these histories we have inherited, the Abenaki etc. people know this, it is important that we bring this into our conscious awareness, over the years people have been sent, kids as young as 5 years old, to residential schools away from their families, unable to speak their families, when we were on Pine Ridge when our students were doing interviews with Lakota elders, an elder shared, he was in his 70, that if he sees a white woman who has a similar build/hairstyle to a residential school teacher, it still triggers his memories of residential school… what is the history of this territory, colonization here? Between 1880’s-1920’s, the idea of using the science of genetics to cultivate sturdy/resilient citizens, a bunch of laws passed, including the 1931 sterilization law that was passed based on the Vermont Eugenics Survey that was conducted between 1925-26, of people who were “mentally feeble” who were put into institutions like the Brattleboro Retreat, 1931 those who were of childbearing age would be sterilized because they didn’t want feeble citizens in this state or in this country… I want to be sure we end this with a commitment, I want to leave you with a task to find out more about the people, what they’re up to now, do some research online on their work, Judy Dow, people are social workers, educators, all kinds of professions, I shared resources with Kristin (?) who’s on Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, contact me, take your research farther, reflect what is your relationship to this land/territory, how did you come to be here, what intentions do you have to disrupt colonialism… more immediate things that we’re doing, there’s a van that will go down on Monday to Brattleboro to go down to an event that celebrates Abenaki traditions and life ways, film screening, that will be announced, keep your ears and eyes open




Emmanuel: last week we read a little about a funds request!


Tanner: so several community members brought attention to the fact that the treadmill in the campus center was no longer functioning, it wasn’t under warranty anymore, just getting the two different computers communicating would not have addressed that the treadmill was not operating optimately, with other cardio machines not functioning optimately, we want two treadmills to replace half the cardio machines… the cost comes down to $1,198, with tax it comes down to $1,269.88… part of the reason for having a fitness center on campus is that it can be very important for our mental health to have access to exercising our bodies, currently the equipment doesn’t serve a wide range of community members, ordering these increases overall access for the community


Nick Katrick, OP director: there’s a sales tax, but Marlboro is a tax-exempt organization, can we address that?


Tanner: so I have spoken with Rosemarie, I’m in the process of pulling the W-9, but if for whatever reason we’re having issues, I put the higher cost on, if it ends up being less there’ll be a notification out to the community


Jenny Ramstetter, professor: I am going to ask the question about recycling/reusing/repurposing the old one


Tanner: as I said, there’s still a possibility of fixing the one we currently have, I haven’t explored what we would do, the current error that comes up if that’s not the only issue there’s basic functioning we have to explore, there’s other places on campus we could move it to and then utilize, since it’s not the best we don’t want it in the main exercise space


Jenny: I was also thinking of donating, I just don’t want to see it taken to the dump


Chris, student: what’s the current amount in the W/D fund?


Tanner: I don’t have the exact number but it’s a little over $20,000




Felix: there are people who really rely on these machines especially in the winter when they can’t run outside… having two working treadmills will be useful


(a vote, passes unanimously)




Todd, professor: reporting for Standing Building Committee, 1:00 Tuesdays in OP meeting room, if you want to see what the construction project that’s taking place is going to look like we’d be happy to show you, we don’t meet every week, if you want to go let me know and I’ll make sure I’m there, if you see the construction area you’ll see the dorm is taking shape, if you haven’t gone over there, go ahead and stand on the overlook and take it in… we’re also looking for another student member


Maggie: reporting for Global Engagement Committee, we just set our fall round of grants for international experiences, deadline is November 1, website will be updated with how to submit a proposal for funding, also the deadline for our less commonly taught language grant… if you’re taking one right now you have to reapply, or you can apply for a new one, I’ll circulate the application, you can get set up with a tutor, two credits, to learn a language that is pertinent to your Plan… also relatedly, TMSF committee has not met but will meet soon, I suspect we will set a similar deadline


Amber: reporting for Environmental Quality, meeting Wednesday mornings 8:30, we’re also meeting with Environmental Advisory Committee, we’re also looking for another student member


Jenny Ramstetter: reporting for EAC, and we’re really enjoying our every other week meetings with the EQC, EAC is advisory to the president, EQC tends to be a little more project based so we work really well together,so if you have projects let us know, you can find the membership on Nook, Matt Ollis just put together a really interesting report on oil usage across the years, we’ve found that there are a couple of buildings where the usage is actually up despite improvements that we’ve made, one of those is Persons, if you use Persons make sure all windows/doors are closed and turn off the lights




Charlie Hickman: tonight if you want to see Meg Mott’s next iteration of her debating our rights series, she will be discussing the 6th amendment, van leaving dining hall at 6:15 and will be back around 8:30


Ariana: this weekend artist in Drury, reception 6-8 Saturday, Sunday we’re going to be cooking a traditional Chinese meal together, if you have interest email Amy Beecher


Dylan: more information on the trip for Indigenous People’s Day, on the 14th as was said, I’m going to be driving the van, if you’d like to go write your name on the list


Maggie: to continue to tack on, we’re finalizing plans for several events throughout the week, Monday is not the only day we’re acknowledging and celebrating, films on campus, digital links, some crafting going on in the Dining Hall, we’re working with food, stay tuned for a whole week’s worth of things happening


Megan: I had Patrick send out an email, I wanted to invite folks, if anyone is interested in Bystander Intervention Training let me know, I usually hold them at the end of the semester for all new students but I’ve had interest from folks in doing one again this semester and I need to have a good handful of people to run one


Stacy: I am still trying to decide whether I should tell you what to do or why to do it first. (she is making us vote) … it’s kind of funny because what I am going to tell you to do is something I see all of you already doing, you need to tell everyone who didn’t come today what to do. There are apples on the ground this year that will spread diseases to the apples on the tree next year. They also are a good damp ground for fungi… bears like to eat the apples… we pay money for people to prune the trees to make them healthy. Apples that we don’t eat have to be taken off the ground and driven off campus. This all creates CO2. … do your part and eat a lot of apples, pick apples from the trees, if you can’t reach them there are people who have the long-handled tools, in the OP you’ll find long-handled tools that’ll help you pick apples, there are also people who might loan you ladders… eat the apples!!! College has a cider press! Tanner knows where the press is and can help you learn how to do the cider pressing


Emily Weatherill, student: Wall Monitor training tonight! If you want to learn how to open the wall so you can open it whenever you want, training from 7:30-8:30 even if you don’t have CPR you should come because we might have CPR training later


Beth: gave her a couple weeks to settle in, wanted to introduce our archivist, Megan O’Loughlin, we’re super excited to have her on the library team, it’s a position we’ve been wanting forever, and she’s been finding all sorts of cool things already


Malaya: I’m part of the Diversity/Inclusion Task Force, November 16 at 8:30 we’re going to have the first annual freedom fundraiser dinner in Brattleboro with the VT chapter of NAACP, if you’re interested contact Diversity/Inclusion Task Force, contact me, there’ll be speakers talking about police brutality/civil rights movement, college will pay for you to go, it’ll be great to have people there, if you’re interested contact me or email


Maia: an alumni event/reading/performance and discussion Saturday night in Whittemore, first you should all go to the new gallery exhibit in Drury at 6 and then at 7 Molly Booth, class of 2014, Jack Roster-Munley (sp?) of ’12, T Wilson will be doing readings on Shakespeare, they have a blog called Party Bard that’s all things Shakespeare, they’re doing a Party Bard inspired presentation called Throne of Blood, they will have questions


Kara, admissions counselor: we’re hosting open house this Saturday, guests on campus, if you’re interested you can join us for lunch from 12:30-1:30, brunch will still be taking place, and if you’re planning any nocturnal activities the night before just clean them up, we’re excited to have them


Mark: I have an opportunity for climate change activism, Sunrise Movement is starting a mobilization effort as the fall ramps up, group of youth activists that have put Green New Deal on the map, if you’re interested in joining their movement/climate activism I’m going to Keene for a climate Town Hall, if you’re interested contact me, Town Hall is tomorrow night, 6:30 in Keene, I can take people, bring them back


Amy Beecher, professor: at 4 in Appletree the artist Sue Sunny-Clark (sp?) is coming to talk about her work, we’ll have a Q&A


(vote to adjourn)



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