10/16/2019 Town Meeting Minutes

Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability what happens during Town Meeting. With questions or concerns please comment here or email selectboard@marlboro.edu.

(If live minutes stop it’s likely due to the Internet going out– I keep an offline document ready and will paste in what’s missing when I come back online.)


  1. Budget Presentation
    1. Selectboard is looking for feedback on this school year’s Town Meeting budget, since we ideally would be reducing the budget by $10,000
    2. Tanner is holding forums Friday, October 18 from 12:30-1:30 and Thursday, October 24 over dinner (5:30-6:30) to solicit feedback as to where we could limit expenses
  2. Ice Rink Washer/Dryer Funds Request
    1. Hannah Anderson and Nick Katrick have requested $3,173.17 for a new ice rink
    2. Tanner moved that we waive the clause that says we have to do a read-in and vote the following week for a request over $1,000
      1. The motion was seconded and passed
    3. The funds request was granted
  3. Committee Reports
  4. Announcements


Tanner Jones, Selectboard treasurer: part of the treasurer’s responsibilities are in April the treasurer brings forward a budget for the following fiscal year… the budget we passed last year relied on a few factors, what our enrollment would be, pulling from a rollover fund, rollover fund still exists, how we’ve been using it is not sustainable, we need to reduce the budget by about $10,000 to be responsible, so before I bring forward a budget proposal it would be prudent to have a lot of conversation around how we would like to cut those expenses, or if the Town Meeting on behalf of students would like to vote on that, because students pay activity fund… right now I’ve highlighted sections in red where it’s practical, TM might opt to let go of that expense (there’s a spreadsheet on the screen)… for instance if TM no longer wanted to fund having the fire chief, but if we continue to scroll down, there’s a budget line item for Broomball, PO Box, Plan Binding, all of these things exist for a reason, we need to have serious conversations about whether we want to be as Town Meeting/with activity fees funding these, we’ll be doing forums, email me, attend Selectboard meetings, we’ll be holding spaces in the DH, Friday 18 12:30-1:30, Thursday 24 over dinner, looking to get personal opinions/thoughts about where we could limit expenses, go over that with Selectboard to propose a budget for October 30 TM


Hannah Anderson, Student Activities Coordinator: on behalf of student activities/student life we are requestiong $3,173.17 for a new ice rink, it’s a full package, comes with everything we need, our old ice rink is beyond reasonable repair at this point, it’s not feasible or sustainable to do that, Patrick has worked really hard to try and find money for a new ice rink, we are coming to TM as a last resort in order to have an ice rink this winter


Nick Katrick, OP Director: the ice rink was built in 1999, before some of you were born, it’s served us extremely well, it’s where we play broomball and have hockey matches and people can do figure skating, and it’s set up right over there in the meadows for the cold half of the year, the rink last year had a massive amount of challenges, to repair the rink would cost hundreds of dollars and would not be a permanent long-term repair, it would be getting us by year to year, when the rink was built we didn’t have these options, at this point we can buy a whole package for next year…




Amer Latif, faculty: will this new set also need the hay bales? because that’s backbreaking work


Nick: the ice rink doesn’t need hay bales, we put those there for broomball because it’s a lot easier to fall into a hay bale than the ice rink, that’s having to do with broomball and not the function of the ice rink


Lydia Nuhfer, student: is the W/D funds request a student-only vote or an everyone vote


Felix: W/D is an everyone vote


Tanner: there is $18,800 in the W/D fund


Seth, faculty: does the rink come with a warranty, and how long is it expected to last?


Nick: usually these things don’t have strict warranties, commercial use, we could look into that, mostly the warranty is our gentle care of the equipment


Nikita, student: follow-up from Tanner’s point of information, the $18,800, is that before or after paying for the treadmill


Tanner: after


Jenny Ramstetter, faculty: I’m wondering if this company does any recycling of liners, and if we have any plan for what might be done with the old liner


Hannah: so I’m not sure if the company does recycling of the liner, we have already, our old liners have already been taken away at this point because they were so beat-up after last winter


Nick: some of these materials are not easily recyclable, but the one thing about having a rink like this is we’re going to go through fewer liners in theory, the old rink because of the wood construction/sharp screws increases the potential for liners to be broken or punctured


Tanner: I would like to make a motion, the article 22 section B that stipulates we have to have a read-in for a funds request of a thousand dollars, with a ⅔ vote of TM we can ignore that cause, so I move that we vote to vote on this today


(motion is seconded, we are now going to vote… vote passes, we’re moving to deliberation)


Maggie: (in favor) on behalf of all the Grim Sweepers and the faculty/staff broomball team that kicked your butts last year, we’re looking forward to kicking your butts this year on a brand new rink.


Lydia Nuhfer: (against) I was going to vote for this because I love ice skating but I hate the Grim Sweepers


(we are moving on to a vote… ayes have it, funds request passes)




Charlie Hickman, Head Selectperson: I would like to announce that we will not be having TM next week in order for all of us to be able to participate in our Community Picture and Work Day in the afternoon


Drew: I’m one of the Work Day Coordinators… it’s a great opportunity for us to come together as a community, collaborative engagement helps people feel like they’re connected to something larger than themselves, it’s one of the longest-standing traditions at Marlboro, come out, work on a project, it’ll be awesome


Maggie: I am making a report on behalf of Town Meeting Scholarship Fund Committee, our deadline for fall round of grants is November 1, go on Nook and submit your applications, right now we are a four person committee, we would love a fifth, so if you are interested in learning more about grants, about reviewing peers’ applications and giving them money, let Selectboard know


Amber Hunt, librarian: Environmental Quality Committee, you may see Stacy and I and Adam walking around with LED lightbulbs, we’re working on using up our LED lightbulbs that we got from a grant last year, if you need an LED lightbulb come find me


Malaya: Events Committee, next Sunday we’re going to have Halloween Night, open to students, watching Halloweentown, pizza and snacks, it’s at 9, November 13 we’re having a spoken-word artist and open mic, so if you’re interested in doing that, email Events Committee, that’s going to be 7-9 November 13, we’re also going to have a band playing, so you should totally contact us


Rosario: Lectures and Events Committee from the faculty side, we have a budget and we have not received many requests and we are particularly interested in projects that celebrate or commemoratecommemmorate first African landing in Virginia from 1619 to 2019




Lydia: Hendricks Weekend, OP events, hike on Saturday, Monday, tracking workshop, storytelling workshop, if you’re interested in those things all details will be on the OP board (in the Dining Hall), not for the OP, Friday October 25, there’s going to be a Halloween-themed drag cabaret at the Wunderbar in Bellows Falls, all-ages show within reason, awesome establishment, food and drink, great performers


David: tomorrow is open studio night in the ceramics studio, anyone who wants to work is welcome, 6:30-9


Jaime: I wanted to acknowledge and thank Darien Young Man Afraid of His Horses for sharing her family’s recipe for fry bread today at lunch, also the volunteers who helped, Nelli, her tutorial students, also Liz/kitchen staff for allowing us to take over


Izzy: I want to go to the Moth story slam in Burlington next month, and I’m trying to see if I can get a school trip to go, let me know if you’re interested, it’s open-mic style storytelling competitions where audiences can tell stories if they want to, I never do that I just listen, if you’re interested let me know, I have to email the coordinator at the venue so they can reserve tickets, so I need a tiny bit of commitment, let me know if you’re interested in it at all


Emily Weatherill: Vampire Hunter 9-11 in Whittemore, it’s a game like hide and seek in the dark


Drew: this Friday and every Friday Charlie and I will be hosting a flow arts spin jam in the dance studio, if you wanted to learn to juggle, spin poi, staffs, flop around and have fun, 7-9 this Friday and every Friday


Maia: Friday night, alumni speaker series continues in the reading room, Alex Gardner, here to read from his recently published work… there will be pie… we also have another alum speaker next week, Dagmawi Iyasu Ethiopian working for social change 3:00 in Appletree, coffee, maybe some pie!


Maggie: those grants, today, are you interested in learning more, how to write a beautiful proposal, we’re doing a grant-writing workshop today after ded hour at the research bar, and to continue our events this week celebrating Indigenous People’s Day/Week, tomorrow in the campus center there’ll be film showings, also beading and craft work


Rosario: this weekend is the Brattleboro literary festival, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, William Edelglass and myself are participating in a forum, you are all invited


Megan: I’m making an announcement for next week, next Thursday Yana Tallon-Hicks will be back on campus to do an evening workshop for healthy communication in sex and relationships, it’s a workshop on romantic relationships, Yana has developed a really good relationship with students here, people like her, 6:30, Thursday, in World Studies Lounge in Gander


Adara: tomorrow night in the ceramics studio in Snyder is open clay night from 6:30-9 so if you want to do clay sculpting you can come and do that


Tanner: two announcements, the first one being that on Wednesday, October 30, it’s very close to Halloween, there will be Hogwarts Dinner, open to entire community, flyers will be going out soon, also in conjunction we invite the local community to come trick-or-treating, that’ll be starting at 3:30 and going up to dinner, candy in Mather, residence halls, students in cottageland email me if you’d like to do that, second announcement, the clothespin assassins game had come to a close a little ahead of this time last week, I would like you to know that Izzy is the ultimate clothespin assassin


(motion to adjourn, seconded, vote passes, meeting over)

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