Home Days Dance On By

Danielle Scobey, October 30, 2018

In early October, Marlboro College celebrated Home Days, a weekend when visiting alumni, families, and prospective students arrived on campus to a foggy autumn mountainscape. It was the peak of fall foliage, and Marlboro’s beautiful campus was dotted with gourds, apples, and campus tours. People came from near and far, and a table was set up to welcome alumni with graduation years ranging from 1956 to 2013. Returning or visiting, everyone arrived to campus the first day to see something unfamiliar. Marlboro College changes with each incoming class, and whether it is a new building or a new book in the library, there were new things to explore everywhere.

The day’s events began with a poetry workshop led by Cate Marvin DuPont ’93. From there everyone moved to lunch, and different activities such as lawn games, the climbing wall, and enjoying fresh-pressed apple cider on the front lawn. Then, everyone regrouped and marched to a young alumni pane, or a talk by President Kevin for returning alumni. Both talks dealt with the school’s recent standing academically, financially, and generally. Everyone then gathered in Persons auditorium for a memorial to Bob Engel, the late and dearly-loved biology professor. The day ended with a warm dinner, a “big dumb dance party,” and campfires. Unfortunately, the scheduled and much anticipated soccer game the following day was rained out.

With alumni, family, and prospective students roaming the campus, everyone brought their individual opinions and experiences with the college. Prospective student Linnae D’Auria said, “I did a summer program… Something about the environment just felt right- like home.” She was touring the campus, and had briefly stopped into the campus store.

For a visiting alumni though, Marlboro really is a kind of home. Carla Fogg, a class of ’94 alumni, was admiring the ways the college had changed since her time. Specifically, she stated how amazed she was by how much modern technology has integrated itself throughout the campus. Still, she said, “The campus is still beautiful, and the dining hall hasn’t changed much. There are certainly more cups!”

Isn’t that the way of Marlboro College? Anybody who knows Marlboro recognizes the celebration of radical traditionalism here. That the school is still recognizable enough with the same goals years later, but still accepting and conscious of the evolving needs of it’s growing community really speaks to that. Hopefully next year’s Home Day’s will be as successful and fun for all, and everyone will come back with a readiness to visit Marlboro College as a past, potential, or current home. Whatever the case may be, we here at Marlboro College welcome visitors with open arms and fresh-pressed apple cider!

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  • Making cider during Home Days 2018.


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