10/30/19 Town Meeting Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, October 30, 2019

Town Meeting Minutes

30 October 2019


Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability what goes on during Town Meeting. With comments or concerns email selectboard@marlboro.edu.



  1. Presidential Address
    1. accredidation
      1. Marlboro is up for a 5-year review of our accredidation with NECHE (New England Commission of Higher Education)
      2. we have a hearing with them November 9
      3. accredidation is important for financial aid
    2. partnership process
      1. accreditors have been asking to talk about where we are
      2. since the collapse of University of Bridgeport negotiations a much smaller group is involved
      3. we had four institutions who submitted proposals, UB was one of them, but the other three want to have a conversation with Marlboro, and two new institutions have come forward
      4. we will hopefully have an announcement about a potential new partner within the next two weeks
    3. board meeting
      1. the board meeting is this week
      2. go to the tea at 4:30 in the library
      3. have lunch with them in the Dining Hall Saturday
      4. the actual meeting is on Saturday morning
  2. HSP Compensation Bylaws Read-In
    1. proposed language is as follows:

Art. XI Sec. N.

  1. The Head Selectperson shall be paid a stipend based on a ten hour per week work study position from the Town Meeting Budget.


  1. Budget Read-In
    1. proposed budget is outlined in this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gF6GLp8_50fzo2PE-WBhuWhSEQoPSUZm2T3L2h-w3nc/edit#gid=0
  2. Committee Reports
    1. see below
  3. Announcements
    1. see below




Kevin Quigley, president: Happy Hogwarts Day (he is dressed like Dumbledore)… (he is making everybody in costume stand up, everybody looks great. 10/10 everyone)… quick update on a couple of things, first talking about Hogwarts Dinner, I encourage you to come back with your family, it’s a wonderful evening, it’s a great way for the community to be better…


talking a little about where we are in the accredidation process, partnership process, board meeting. accredidation: Marlboro is up for its interim review, 5-year review of our accreddidation with NECHE, looking to put together a report, sent to the commission last Friday and we have a hearing with them November 9, it’s important because our accreditors provide accredidation that’s essential for financial aid, that’s work that the community doesn’t see but that’s essential


on the partnership process, our accreditors have been asking for the last couple years to talk about where we are in the partnership process. I know the community is frustrated, since collapse of UB talk we decided to have a much smaller group of people with less updating even though those updates were primarily about the process, wanted to catch people up quickly about where we are, over the last six weeks, we had four institutions who submitted proposals and UB was one of them, and the other three institutions that submitted proposals as soon as they heard the news about Bridgeport they wanted to have a conversation to see whether there was an opportunity to partner with Marlboro, we had those conversations, with one party multiple times, we were also approached by two other institutions who didn’t come forward earlier, but those institutions have something very credible/important to offer to our community. So we’re close to identifying a potential partner and it’s my hope that within the next two weeks we could share the news of who that partner is, again like UB very early in the process… want to make sure we have an agreement in broad terms, and then we’re going to need the community’s help to fill in the details to make this work in a way that respects our identity, our values… I know it’s hard, Kevin is saying we’ll hear something, please be patient, but that’s what I’m asking, I know there are questions, I don’t have a lot of answers at this point in time, please stay tuned, next couple weeks, my hope is we’ll be able to share a potential partner, and then elicit your support in this partnership in a way that’s beneficial


board meeting, this week, committee meetings Friday afternoon, a couple of committees will be here on campus, Advancement and Academic Affairs/Student Life committees, Tracy sent out the invitations to join the trustees at a tea up in the Reading Room on Friday afternoon, great opportunity to have informal conversations with the trustees, great chance to interact with our community, open to everybody… and the other opportunity to interact with our trustees is on Saturday in the midst of our meetings, the trustees have lunch in the Dining Hall, they also really relish the opportunity to interact with the community… two great opportunities if you’re interested in knowing who your trustees are and talking to them




Tanner: (he is wearing funny Halloween makeup and everyone is laughing) we would like to add in to the bylaws:


Art. XI Sec. N.

  1. The Head Selectperson shall be paid a stipend based on a ten hour per week work study position from the Town Meeting Budget.


Matan: as my understanding is, the role of HSP can theoretically be any member of TM, staff, faculty, or student, wouldn’t the bylaw like this basically limit the ability to get elected only to students, because staff or faculty won’t be able to get a work-study designation


(Rosario would like Tanner to speak in character as Jack Skellington but he refuses)


Tanner: we will amend the language…


Nick Katrick: from the reading of this it’s “paid a stipend based on a work-study position,” doesn’t read as a work-study position


Seth Harter: we did not have this conversation in Selectboard yesterday and we probably should have, my understanding is should the HSP be staff or faculty they would not take a stipend, in the 19 years I’ve been here we have not had a staff or faculty HSP


Jenny Ramstetter: I’m wondering if the Selectboard considered the notion that we are a community and community governance is a very important part of what we do, and the idea that we need to be doing these things as a part of our community and not a paid compensated position


Felix: we did talk about this and came to the conclusion that it’s more about students being able to support themselves, HSP students are probably working at least one job, maybe more, could give one up and serve the community more fully


Alex: what part of the TM budget is the money going to come from?


Tanner: all budget comes from student activity fee, next part we’ll show the budget proposal, we’ll show you how money’s been moved around, right now arguably that money is either coming from student activity fee or rollover from previous years


Nikita: what does the wording “based on” mean? is this equivalent to a 10-hour work-study


Felix: that’s left open to interpretation in future years because money changes etc., it would be up to each treasurer and Selectboard to decide when defining the budget


Sully: is there a way we can make it work-study as far as getting funding, or does it have to come from student activities


Tanner: in order to preserve the autonomy of the HSP it’s better to come from TM budget




Here is the link to the Google Sheet with the budget:



Tanner: we were going to be running a $10,000 deficit, we’ve been looking at things we could shed from things that haven’t been serving the community/students, the Dining Hall Crew Chief/Fire Chief, the niche that those roles served will still be available, Crew Chief would be a work-study supported administratively, Fire Chief might be filled by staff, this would also let us reallocate funds to resource centers…


(Tanner is explaining the budget, showing how funding for each committee has changed…)


Tanner: three resource centers, QRC, Women’s Resource Center, Living in Color, we gave a $1,000 increase to those to make the work those students do more accessible for themselves and the community at large… below that is the stipend for HSP, below that is Citizen editor, below that is DH Crew Chief, which we cut… Broomball, PO Box B, college is taking on, $4000 subtraction from Town Meeting Scholarship Fund, if you look at the amount of money, we still use more of the student activity fee per student to TMSF than we did in years past, more student money is still going into that fund, in keeping with current numbers we’re still supplying that, that brings our budget down to $35,734, we’re still pulling from the rollover budget as much as we were planning to last year, what we have done is compensated for the inaccurate number of students we’re bringing in




Nastia, Environmental Advisory Committee: thermostats… most of the thermostats in Dalrymple, library, Serkin, Snyder, Persons are Automated Logic systems, that means they will let you turn off the temperature in the room you’re working in between 5 and 8 PM, you press the manual button one time and then press again to increase the time the heat is going to be on, and then the way to cancel is to press the manual button until 0 is displayed, they will give you 30, 60, or 90 minutes, if you have questions find a member of the committee


Stacy, EQC: EQC wants to thank those who literally went out on a limb to reduce apple waste this week, especially Flynn Turrisi who provided ladders… our apple crew delivered almost 4 cubic yards of wasted apples to the compost, the campus is safer… (I missed the end of this, something about tasty apple meals!) …now is the time to reflect on why you aren’t opportunistically filling your pockets with apples and saving them by your laptop for healthy snacks, I keep some in my car and as long as they aren’t rolling under my feet they make a great snack


Todd, Standing Buildings Committee: earlier this semester we made a report that the big elm tree was in poor health and we were getting a second opinion, we found out that the tree is in fact dead and needs to come down, several ideas of how to honor the tree, this Sunday afternoon at 1:30 is a ceremony to honor the tree, led by Nick, we also have a plan, William Ransom will be doing a class in the spring to make a sculpture out of the stump, we’ll invite community members to make things out of the tree


Malaya, Events Committee: happy early Halloween! today we have Hogwarts Dinner, around dinnertime, there’s going to be wand-making, House banner building, trick-or-treaters… November 1 we’re having a haunted house on campus, look for clues, I’m not going to tell you where it is, it’s a secret, but it’s 7:30-8:30, look around for that, I’m so excited, we have one other event November 13, open mic night, open to faculty and students, poetry performer and a band, it’s going to be awesome, you guys should come, if you want to perform, email me or Events Committee so we have enough time, and that is seven to nine…


Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, NAACP November 16, if you’re interested, it’s from 6-9, email Diversity and Inclusion Task Force so we can get you a ticket


Jaime, Committee for Global Engagement: November 1 Friday is deadline for Less Commonly Taught Language grants and grants for travel


Todd, Farm Committee: switching from outdoor farm activities to growing greens in the greenhouse for winter, if you’re interested come talk to us about what we could plant in there




Megan: I just wanted to invite anyone in the community who wants to take a bystander intervention 101 training to do that on Friday 1-2 in Gander, let me know!


Kristin: just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow from 12-1 in Staples we’re going to have a lunch for seniors on Plan looking to connect with other seniors on Plan, talk to faculty, get help managing this big project, we’re going to try a little Plan support group in Staples


Nick Katrick: I’ve got three short announcements, Sunday is Trails Day and you can come, we have apple cider donuts and a tasty lunch, if you’d like to come, send me an email or register on the calendar… November 16 we’re going to be going up to Mt Hunger and on the way we’re going to stop at the Cabot Sock Sale… and last the Iceland trip for March of next year during spring break, Jaime and I are going to be having another meeting next Tuesday 5:30… find Jaime or me beforehand if you have questions!


Hannah Anderson: again with Hogwarts dinner, after Town Meeting I’m going to be melting chocolate and making candy things, please help, I’m also going to need help setting up the DH, more the merrier


Jenny Stofer: this Saturday there is a soccer game at our soccer field against Bennington, the classic game, show up to that, early afternoon, 2 PM is when that’s happening, show up a little early and stay all afternoon, there’s practice every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and everyone is welcome


Tracy: this isn’t really an announcement per se other than a request if that’s appropriate, we have this beautiful website and this calendar that everyone is trying to maintain, so I see all these beautiful events, and what’s really helpful is if you put it on the calendar that’s on the website, so if you have any questions about how to access it, how to have editing capabilities, I’m happy to field those questions, in the spirit of everyone having the same information, if we could post all the events that would be so helpful


Matan: hello, our Sunday afternoon concert series, this is more of a teaser, but you’ll see why I’m teasing, we’re doing something unusual, two highly original and interesting and accomplished composers/songwriters/singers that are more in pop spaces are going to do a concert. Cal Travers of Rubblebucket and Ruth Garbus, highly interesting songwriter, concert on November 17, because this is different from what we usually do, there’s going to be a crowd, so I’m already preparing you mentally to come early


(motion to adjourn, seconded, meeting over)



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