11/5/19 Selectboard Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, November 05, 2019

5 November 2019

Selectboard Meeting Minutes


Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability what goes on during a Selectboard meeting. With any questions or comments comment here or email selectboard@marlboro.edu.


Present: Charlie, Ariana, Ritu, Felix, Izzy, Maggie, Stephanie, Seth, Tanner, Patrick


(Note: this meeting was short, and most of what occurred was in closed meeting and therefore is not included. Most of what is here is based in an emotional reaction, and much of our conversation today was between people trying to process something together rather than Selectboard members trying to run a governance system. Therefore, not everything was recorded, and not everything recorded is relevant from a governance perspective.)




Patrick: we all know there is an announcement coming, it looks like it will come tomorrow… (we are going into closed meeting)



(Selectboard has voted to cancel Town Meeting)




Charlie: I really don’t want to do any of the rest of this meeting


Felix: I feel like the board meeting update is what Patrick said, they did not want to listen to our day-to-day needs


Izzy: I have a tiny piece of my body that’s very pissed off that we were not given a heads-up on a faculty and staff tone and then asking Lydia to speak on what she spoke about, and we might not have said this campus sucks for people with disabilities


Felix: what we said was important, they said before we talked that they read our thing and they had to put the NP “on hold,” it’s frustrating that we have to live here for at least the rest of the year


Izzy: I don’t mean to say what we said was important, I think we would’ve changed how we said it if we had context… Lydia said a solution without our campus is not a solution, we’ve made a pact, works revolve around the land, without the land and the majority of the students, faculty, staff we’re giving up our soul, pretending we didn’t fail, that’s not anything


Ariana: what does get retained


Felix: the money


Izzy: it goes to another place


Ariana: for who? I see the incentive for who we’re merging with?


Izzy: the board has blinders on, they don’t see any other solution


Maggie: we’ll see if they give us a really good answer tomorrow


Felix: it could be all right, if we kept the campus… the meeting convinced me that the right thing to do would be to phase out as a college


Izzy: so staff/faculty would know how long they have, more than five months, can look for jobs, deal with their lives


Maggie: TMSF is going to meet soon, what budget should we operate on


(she will assume lower budget)


Charlie: and then the discussion about streamlining governance labor?


Felix: is this a better conversation for when we know more about the college?


Charlie: the task force that was supposed to reimagine our governance is not meeting this semester because we don’t know!


Seth: Izzy can ask you a question? you wondered if you’d known the tone faculty/staff were bringing?


Izzy: heartbreaking and very very sad


(final thoughts)


Tanner: process is going to be interesting, good is better than trying to be perfect, trying not to muddle up the process, just waiting until the email goes out


Felix: I won’t post the minutes yet


Maggie: if anyone has any suggestions how to hold the crappiness, holding the unknown with grace for just a little while longer, whatever helps, going for a walk in the woods, etc. … this bad thing can be held… everything has personal things happening in their lives, I’m facing the death of a family member right now, of course that’s worth, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hold this trauma, this loss, this grief in a way that feels real and true for me, but also supporting folks for whom this will be more traumatic or less traumatic, or some people are really rooted here, some people aren’t, I’m happy to provide space or hugs or going for a walk, not that you all need or want me, I feel like I want to put that, that’s my intention for this week


Tanner: especially for the time being, right now it’s kind of us in this room, obviously anyone can go to Patrick and he is obliged in some ways to support you before we put in other


Felix: it’s important to remember that this is the closes thing some of us have to a home, very physically, a lot of students can’t go back to their families, don’t have anywhere else


Maggie: how do we hold this…


Ritu: while doing our work


Maggie: while not shutting down… this date, three years ago, was the worst time on campus for me, the day after the 2016 election, was awful here, the faculty staff, students, we just sucked each other down, we kept sucking each other down, I don’t want a spinning downward


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