11/19/19 Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, November 20, 2019

11 November 2019

Selectboard Meeting Minutes


Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability what goes on during a Selectboard meeting. With questions or concerns please comment here or email selectboard@marlboro.edu.


Maggie: I combed through committees that were going to be on working group, checked in with some of them to see if there were student members


Felix: and people are sending in statements of intent




Seth: kind of liked Tanner’s stance, another year it’d be up to us to find places to cut, etc., this year let’s just be supportive


Maggie: are you the one that said wouldn’t it be smart to offer Emerson a $20,000 budget


Seth: I did have that idea, but that was contingent on someone saying to TM this money doesn’t disappear, I can’t say I’m too optimistic


Maggie: it’s a separate bank account


Tanner: it’s a student activity fee fund, I don’t know if their equivalency would just feed the general budget of next year… if the Marlboro Institute has a community governance thing to use that… I just don’t know the likelihood of something like that being available right away


Maggie: how much advocacy do we have as a body, if we’re going to stand behind our governance model, say this is our money, I’m not saying that’s the hard stance we should draw, but we could… if we want to say we want to fight for this governance model


Tanner: I think it’s possible to have a model of it there, I also think the money we have we would be able to use successfully for the community members here now, depends, vision moving forward… we have the money to meet the demands of the budget and then we have money left over, what do we want to utilize that for, we’ve had the request to make it more accessible for students to apply to other institutions, application fees, travel, are we throwing bigger events, end of the year, other things to look at, is that the kind of use we can make of that money, even if that model is implicated somewhere else, the student activity fee in that institution, maybe that’s where the money would go, just a way to give it a more lavish start


Felix: I’m worried about the uncertainty of what the money will be used for in the future vs. the certainty of using it to help people now


Seth: faculty had a meeting this morning to talk about the merger… disgruntled alumni had the sense that the faculty were opposed and being held captive, this letter was drafted saying we the undersigned are in favor of exploring this, we wish we could stay here but we can’t, this is the best possible option, it was set before people to sign or not, I’m wondering if as we go forward, in some ways, all the decisions we make are a kind of a referendum on the same question, and maybe it’s not Selectboard’s place to take a united stance, it could be our place but the 9 of us don’t feel the same way, but I’m wondering if every time something like this comes up we say, if we think this is the best of all options, what should we do… if on the whole we would like to see as much of Marlboro carried forward, we’d start from the conversation of bringing the money across… we could look at all of these things that are in some ways tied together…


Felix: (something about how we need to find out more about where it’s going)


Charlie: this is a conversation that we don’t have to make any decisions about today… personally I think that if there is any possible way to have a semblance of a Marlboro community space, even if it’s not governance oriented, but even just having a space for the IDIP students or whatever to gather and be a community, then we should take the chance to create that space at Emerson, because we’ve seen how important it is to us here, it’s too valuable to leave behind


Tanner: in the immediate future, we passed paying the HSP, I don’t know if it matters if it’s in the budget if it’s in a bylaw, but that would be the only thing that may require more immediate action, but anything else regarding the budget, what we’re doing with the rollover, what we’re doing with W/D, it would be something we’d do separately, I think the budget’s just kind of fine running in the negative, we have the money for it… we have not put more money into the resource centers… it didn’t make sense to try to make those changes (in TM), so now it would be adding those things in… we could, with those changes, nearly wipe out the rollover fund… which leaves us with the W/D fund, about $15,000 to play with…


Izzy: really important to see if we can try to transfer over some of the Marlboro values around community governance, something that could be achievable, at Lewis and Clark we had a co-op space that was a coffee shop but all student run, had beginning budget for open mics, etc., they had meetings there every so often, and it was a really cool cooperatively run space, would be cool to have something very small-scale, a lot more achievable, if we’re talking about $20,000 to start a space like this, that’s an increase of .5% of what we’re giving Emerson already, I would be inclined to see if we could keep it separate, since that’s less than 1% of what we’re “donating” to Emerson… they’re absorbing us and therefore absorbing some of our values and I think it would be in their best interests and sort of a selling point for them, we can pass off some of the values


Felix: I’ll bring this to the student working group, I’m on that…


Izzy: doesn’t have to be a coffee shop… going to be a lot smaller than what they’re starting with…


Felix: in a school of 3,000 it’s basically a club


Izzy: a space where we could have meetings it’d be really nice, I don’t think financial responsibility should have to come from our student activity fund


Charlie: I can also bring that up next time I meet with Kevin… what are the next steps for the budget


Seth: we wanted to hold onto increases for the resource centers…


Maggie: do we need to present the budget to do that?


Tanner: from the language on the website… we presented the budget, that’s what we’re obligated to do, the only issue is though we as a community agreed to fail the budget for good reasons… I don’t know where our purview sits at… I think it would be fine to do a new budget presentation, ask for the money from W/D, vote on it right away, I’d be fine with giving the resource centers the extra $1,000 each, no one spoke against that, Spiritual Life wasn’t a part of that, I don’t know where that sits


Maggie: they are technically one of the four


Tanner: they are one of the resource centers, it just wasn’t written that way in the budget so I missed it at first


Charlie: best practice would be to read in the budget with changes…


Maggie: I kind of like asking for it from W/D


Tanner: I’m looking at all the money like it’s combined, I’ll get hard numbers, expenditures, we’re anticipating there are some things the money’s going to be used u, some where we’re not going to use all the money, we’re going to want a good sense of how much we’ll have at the end… I guess I’m envisioning the next presentation with factoring in Alex’s request, saying this is how much we have…


Seth: important for the community at large to see budget


(talking about TM tomorrow, resolutions, whether we’ll have enough time for all the stuff we need to do)


Charlie: I think it would be messy to vote tomorrow (working group resolution)


Felix: I’m worried it’s going to be too slow and they’re going to appoint people or not have people


Tanner: if we send it out to the community tonight, earlier today before the agenda, try to solicit feedback from the community now, can be given to Nick, Allison, whoever else, they can make changes to that resolution… could also just, TM doesn’t have to end, people can just leave, still send forward a resolution


Charlie: I would hate to push the W/D request further down the line, but that’s potentially an option to save some time


Izzy: is that going to take very long?


Charlie: not if people have a lot of questions


Izzy: we could put some of that in the language


Felix: have to ask Alex


(it’s a read-in tomorrow)


Tanner: we can do a read-in and Emmanuel can limit questions, anyone can ask questions of Alex or Selectboard, we can bracket 5 minutes, and then Emmanuel can say we cannot, we don’t have the luxury of spending as much time on this


Maggie: how much power do we have to have the working group resolution come before the address from visitors


Seth: we don’t want to mess with scheduling


(visitors aren’t taking questions in TM, are on a tight schedule)


Seth: trustees aren’t required to do anything, board chair wanted group to start yesterday, we lose what little control we have


Ritu: is anyone on front porch forum, they’ve already advertised working group was going to meet…


Charlie: I’m also not optimistic that this resolution is going to do anything about the situation, it’s important to make a stand


Ritu: they referred it to us, they said talk to Selectboard, apart from the resolution what are we supposed to do


Felix: some people think we have power over this too


Maggie: what do we do


Seth: I was going to email Sara who’s in charge of the working group and say this is coming through


Maggie: is it Sara and Dean who we should share this with?


(yes… we’re talking about the elections, what to do)


Maggie: we should decide now so we know what to do


Izzy: can you, if you were to change the dates and times and open it really quick, people of us who have been nominated will be able to see if we can accept


(found out I can re-open acceptances, talking about logistics)


Charlie: so we are just going to re-open, there’s still time to accept and vote? …depending on the outcome of TM and the decision of the board, we will re-open


(talking about the resolution now, trying to make it sound like it’s TM and not on behalf of the board of trustees)


Izzy: reinforce that this isn’t binding, what a resolution is, don’t want people to say “yay it’s happening”






TM agenda:
HSP Address

Address from Emerson Visitors

W/D Funds Request Read-In

Working Groups Resolution Read-In

Committee Reports



(talking about the working groups again)


(we have voted in favor of this TM agenda!)


Charlie: can return to working group discussion next week


(talking about paying HSP, how that’s going to work)

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