Emerson Leadership Visits Marlboro Campus

On November 20, five members of the Emerson College leadership visited Marlboro College to get to know faculty and students, answer questions, and get a feel for the mood of the campus around the proposed alliance. Emerson President Lee Pelton was joined by Michaele Whelan, provost and vice president of academic affairs, Amy Ansell, dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, Jim Hoppe, vice president and dean of campus life, and Anne Shaughnessy, vice president and special assistant to the president.

“Our students and you share some commonalities,” said Pelton, who addressed Town Meeting on behalf of the visitors. “They see in Emerson a place of magic, a place of creativity, a place where there are independent-minded people, and where students have agency. And my sense is that many of those characteristics are common to those of you who decided to come to Marlboro.” Pelton expressed optimism that Marlboro students and faculty and their counterparts at Emerson could work together to create an academic program of excellence.

In addition to attending Town Meeting, the visitors lunched with faculty, listened to senior Plan presentations, and concluded their visit by having tea with students to respond more specifically to their concerns. At one point Pelton asked, “How can we better support Marlboro’s students, all of you, in being received on our campus? I really appreciate hearing your ideas.” Some students responded with a commitment for Marlboro to live as its own, curated student space on Emerson’s campus.

Meanwhile, Michaele Whelan and Amy Ansell met with the Committee on Faculty and the Curriculum Committee to begin addressing faculty questions about what their teaching practice and curriculum would look like in the Emerson environment. All parties agreed that these discussions were very productive and informative, and look forward to many more opportunities to visit and connect.


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  • Lee Pelton addresses Town Meeting.


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