11/26/19 Selectboard Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, November 26, 2019

26 November 2019

Selectboard Meeting Minutes


Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability what goes on during Selectboard Meeting. With questions or concerns please comment here or email selectboard@marlboro.edu.


Present: Charlie, Ariana, Maggie, Stephanie, Felix, Seth, Tanner




Felix: totally forgot that was over…


(we have results, trying to decide whether we can include two of each constituency)


Maggie: Sara said yes, we were trying to figure out who had that power, Sara does


Tanner: I’ll check with Becky


(we’re going to do a final check first)

(edit from end of meeting– we are going to have two of each constituency! winners are:

Lydia Nuhfer
Malaya Wright

Jenny Ramstetter
David Eichelberger

Nikolas Katrick
Allison Turner)




Charlie: Maia wants a list of previous Head Selectpeople


Maggie: Selectboard used to have a room with stuff in it


Felix: don’t we have an office


Charlie: we do, there’s nothing in it


Tanner: I’ll check the storage unit in Gander, boxes of things from Selectboard


Maggie: there was a lot of stuff when I usurped the old Selectboard office…


Charlie: do we know who’s PNG’ed


Felix: last year Eric had a list, got it from Cathy Fuller… used to be very public, we don’t have it now even though we talked about it last year




Charlie: tech week is next week for Dances in the Rough, it would be great if someone else could meet with Emmanuel to talk about the TM agenda, otherwise I don’t get a break from 3:30 until 10 PM


Seth: I could meet with Emmanuel, not during dinner


Tanner: I can commit on Monday


Charlie: just as long as someone who’s not me does it, you get the power of executive decision-making


Tanner: I have the utmost intentions of doing it, my schedule’s not my own from now until probably midnight breakfast


Seth: what’s on next week’s meeting, do we know?


(we don’t have meeting this week)


Charlie: W/D deliberation, maybe budget…


(everyone be nice to Charlie next week, they’re going to be stressed)



Chris Tripp and Alta Millar have been appointed to Curriculum Committee.

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