Emerson Students Enjoy Thanksgiving Holiday at Marlboro

In a spirit of good faith, a group of Marlboro students invited students from Emerson College to enjoy part of Thanksgiving break on Marlboro’s rural campus. Ten students from Emerson came to Marlboro for two nights, shared meals including Thanksgiving Dinner, and explored and connected with the particular sense of place that’s been reported and spoken of throughout Emerson’s community. The students represented various disciplines across Emerson’s majors, from creative writing to journalism, theater and performing arts, media studies and more—but all of the visitors remarked on the sense of freedom that resonated with their visit to Marlboro.

Marlboro senior Adam Weinberg, who orchestrated the Thanksgiving visit, felt the brief trip brought some profound moments for shared reflection: from face to face engagement, to appreciation for Marlboro’s spirit of trust and open access to facilities, to theoretical questions of “Why Liberal Arts?” and “What does it mean to explore across fundamental questions?” The Emerson visitors shared their enthusiasm for Marlboro’s way of embodying these qualities while celebrating them as a marbled approach to learning from the perspective of a small campus. The students expressed how much they took from their first experience on campus, not only as an insight into Marlboro’s world, but the possibility for certain kinds of story-telling from a place enriched so deeply by liberal arts. The morning before returning to Boston, the students expressed great thanks for Marlboro’s sincere hospitality along with a heartfelt promise to hangout again, soon.

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