12/10/19 Selectboard Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, December 11, 2019

10 December 2019

Selectboard Meeting Minutes


Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability what goes on in a Selectboard meeting. With questions or concerns please comment here or email selectboard@marlboro.edu.


Present: Charlie, Ariana, Ritu, Felix, Izzy, Seth, Maggie, Tanner


Charlie: this is our last meeting of the semester, so at some point I want to do some reflecting on this semester, and then talk about what we want to be doing for next semester, but firstly I want to talk about the election, because there’s something going on, I began this morning with a moment of realization that I missed the deadline to accept HSP because I thought it was tonight at midnight, I hurriedly emailed Felix, and then the election just stopped


Felix: the election closed itself this morning… my theory is no one accepted nominations


(someone apparently did accept a Selectboard nomination)




(we’re very confused, Charlie may have accidentally closed them, I’m emailing IT)


(talking about what other business we have for today…)


Charlie: let’s talk about the survey first before we get to other business (David Eichelberger sent us an email about doing a survey)


Seth: David sent that saying it was in his capacity but he’s on the campus working group… it would be good to get Jennifer’s sociological input because there are a lot of ways to do this wrong… in faculty meeting Richard is saying we want to know before break who’s going or not going, and that’s ten days from now, so however imperfect our instrument if we want to get information we’ve got to act really soon


Charlie: so David said he’s curious if we had plans to make this survey… no, I don’t want to write this survey, that’s not our job, we could say yes this is a good idea, Jennifer should cast her sociological eyes on it, and there are some students who are also interested in doing putting out a survey like that


Izzy: we should also say that one of the options needs to be I don’t know, because I think the faculty deadline hasn’t happened, students have ages


Tanner: depending, the lens we’d look at for students, March 15 is the deadline for students in transferring, we want to have some lead time before that as well, I find trying to do anything in the context of this semester is a lost cause, anything else that comes up at this point is you are a problem for a break to be publicly resolved in January


Charlie: I’m curious what David wants from us


Maggie: clarity on saying no we don’t have immediate plans, it sounds like different stakeholders want some kinds of information, sounds great, we don’t think we have the time to collect that data this year anymore


Felix: surveys have gone out to students when the announcement happened, one was circulated around alums but open to students, faculty, staff…


(lots of nonsense about surveys)


Charlie: let’s email David, say we don’t have plans, it’s a good idea if it’s sociologically sound, we have students who are interested who may be able to offer input, joint energy… maybe not time to do it this semester, but I will send it out as soon as we start back up again this semester


Seth: I think we’ve gotten what wouldn’t be helpful, any suggestions about what would be


Charlie: I think one of the biggest ones is who is whether tentatively or not planning on going to Emerson


Felix: that could be a numbered scale with why underneath


Maggie: I like the scale idea, the why… getting to a why, I feel like that would be too hard to do multiple choice, but open ended, what do you do with that data


Izzy: I like multiple choice because then they have quantifiable data…


Felix: what factors influence, and they can check multiple boxes?


Izzy: I feel like this survey wouldn’t be done in time so it isn’t necessarily the place, but I’m trying to collect ideas of things that could make the transition easier for people, most of it is financial which presents its own challenges but is also important, I’m trying to wait until the last second that I can turn in work because I don’t have time until then, after 4 PM on Tuesday I was going to write them up


Charlie: a question I’ve been bouncing around is how we can make next semester feel the best and provide good closure and give people all the experiences that they want on this campus while they still have a chance for that and how we can help support those activities, which isn’t something that would go in this survey in particular but is a good question to ask


Ritu: are we still talking about David’s questions? under do you plan to teach at/attend Emerson in the fall of 2020, I find the questions a bit reductive, can there be a question like what does Emerson offer, what space do you see yourself making/building at Emerson, because I’m very excited about the possibility…


Felix: also space for being excited about Emerson but in a space where you wouldn’t have gone if Marlboro weren’t closing…




Selectboard has granted Izzy Swarbrick $270 from the Reserve Fund towards materials for a class on reproductive justice that she will be teaching as part of her Plan




Town Meeting Agenda!


Proposed agenda currently:

Transition Update

Moderator Elections

Diversity and Inclusion Resolution for Identity-Based Flags

(Save Marlboro Resolution?) – based on availability of language

Committee Reports



(Felix will be running moderator elections if Emmanuel runs, Seth will do minutes)


(agenda passes)


Charlie: okay so what do we want to do next semester?


Izzy: something we should remember is we said we were going to do another group agreement and I think that could easily be forgotten… the agreement where we set group norms, we did make say that we were going to do it at the beginning of each semester… I don’t want us to not follow through on the first thing we did in the semester


(talking about TM group norms…)


Tanner: it’s a good exercise… good way to get back into the swing of things


Felix: I think checking in and saying “hey respect each other” at the beginning of a semester would be good


Charlie: I’d like to meet not Tuesday… Friday would be ideal… so much smoother, I would not have such a long Tuesday


(talking about scheduling, our complicated lives… maybe Thursdays at lunch?)


Tanner: if we start putting time allotments on things for us, important things are going to come up, I’d like it if we were practicing, I think of it as self-care, two hours is a lot of time


Charlie: for me to be running a 2-hour meeting, it gets long, I think if we could tentatively plan for lunchtime on Thursdays for next semester, that would be good


(now Izzy is talking about having first semester seniors walk at graduation! Richard is a fan of the idea! we will be on the lookout to help!)


(Tanner has left, Aaron Pilarcik is here)


Charlie: so do you have any language


Aaron: I don’t, I’m still trying to form this idea, and everything’s been happening so fast, and talking with Adam (Weinberg), I actually didn’t have time to form language, I’m mostly trying to think and form what the specific language would be, talk to Adam and some other people… and the fact that it’s in the middle of finals week is a little hard, but my thought was, I mean, one issue is the short timeline, we were talking about voting on the whole merger in February, we get back from break January 21, there isn’t really much time, that was why I thought I should try to do something before break to start/plant the seed, and at least maybe talk to people at TM about what we’re thinking, get something started, and then after break maybe formalize something, that was the best I could come up with, it was partly because the time, I started thinking about this within the last week. formal language would be something like taking a vote to form a group that could report to the board of trustees


Charlie: my feeling is that right now with no language, there’s not something to bring to Town Meeting tomorrow, because TM is a place for voting on things, and within Robert’s Rules discussions do not go well at TM because there’s no end goal


Felix: if there’s no decisions it’s hard to make it work and hard to moderate


Charlie: if you want to bring language at the beginning of next semester that would be possible, I do worry about how much time we have


Aaron: that’s the problem, time


Felix: you can do this unofficially, make announcement at Town Meeting


Seth: this next trustee meeting will allow everyone three minutes each to talk


Charlie: there’s going to be a sign-up sheet to speak at the trustee meeting


Maggie: technically we take TM stuff up until yesterday, we were going to see what you brought to the table, but if in the next two minutes we don’t have a resolution we won’t be able to do anything tomorrow, we can talk about other avenues for next semester, this is really hard and really fast


Aaron: so if I were going to create language it would be something like vote to create a group with these goals or this agenda


Charlie: my question is where would that language be placed, because you could create a resolution that Town Meeting forms another working group, but that would need to be a board-sanctioned group, another idea would be to work through the bylaws and create a new committee that would sunset at the end of this, there needs to be a place for this language to go within our governing documents so that we can look back on it and amend it so that it has more context, TM can’t just decide to form a group


Izzy: and we understand the urgency you feel with time restraints, because of that I would almost recommend having this idea and creating this group outside of TM, we’ll help you bring it to TM, you’re just shortening the amount of time you have, whereas if you find a group of people that gives you more time


Felix: I don’t know if there’s anything you could do with TM that isn’t get elected members that you couldn’t do without TM, you can still talk at TM and trustee meetings


Aaron: my original intent was make a group that was diverse, included faculty, staff, students, other community members


Felix: isn’t there already organization going on with the community?


Aaron: yeah, I want to bring more people into that, I feel like if everybody was included, there would be more harmony, I wanted transparency, I was thinking I could make the group completely open to anybody who wanted to come, I could create some alternative ideas


Ritu: have you thought about a survey, there are people interested in similar surveys that we could connect you to, if the merger did go through how many students would go, faculty, etc., our number one goal would be to keep the school open and running, that could be part of the survey, if the merge did happen, helping that be a good transition for people, where people felt like every option was looked at, if we knew that was the only resort, once the merge happens, there’s no going back, it’s something that could affect things for decades or hundreds of years, there’s all these ideas going around, but having it in the open and through the official process of our community governance and TM and addressing some of these issues that people are concerned about would all be positive things


Charlie: there’s always, technically within Robert’s Rules you are able to make a motion to add an item to the agenda, if you do come to TM and you have your language prepared and you want to put it on the agenda, you can motion to add an item to the agenda


Izzy: have you attended the meetings at the Marlboro Community Center?


Aaron: one of them


Izzy: if you want to make an inclusive group it might make sense to work there to get input


Maggie: I’m hearing that you want to do something productive, and I’m hearing that there’s a lot of people who have similar goals and are trying to do similar things, and so doing an assessment of figuring out who your stakeholders are, I would encourage you that that’s your first step rather than creating something new, you’re just adding another group, I feel like combining some of the things that are already happening would be more productive, trying to glean information from as many people as we all can, trying to understand the feasibility of some of the questions that are being asked, I think a lot of this stuff is being done and it’s not being done behind closed doors but a lot of people are turning wheels


Felix: our role is sort of to connect people


Aaron: I think that was part of my idea, forming something official, if it was at TM


Felix: there’s no language and we can’t bring it to TM, but you can make an announcement


Aaron: what would language look like


Maggie: look through TM agendas for bylaws changes


Charlie: I think this would be more of a committee as opposed to a working group, I think it would be a committee that just sunsets at the end of this year, so I would look in the bylaws at what the committee description looks like and find the last committee listed and make a new section that says the committee shall serve to do xyz things and will do this by x date


Aaron: all these ideas people have, we could organize them, see which ones work, which ones couldn’t


Maggie: I’m going to throw this out again, the goals of the campus working group, you don’t see those as streamlined with your intentions, if you don’t know that answer I would encourage you to find that answer… we can’t keep brainstorming with you

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