1/23/20 Selectboard Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, January 23, 2020

23 January 2020

Selectboard Meeting Minutes


Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability what goes on during a Selectboard meeting. With questions or concerns please comment here or email selectboard@marlboro.edu.


Present: Charlie, Tanner, Ariana, Maggie, Seth, Felix, Pranit


(we’re taking a moment to figure out which committees Pranit is going to liaise with– trying to remember what Stephanie was on, it looks like she was on administrative committees)


Maggie: can we maybe redescribe what our role is with these as some of them are doing things, some of them might not be


Charlie: in the last election cycle we elected like two people


Felix: for like ten positions, we could try again now there are new/returning students on campus


Charlie: I don’t know how much begging we can do, we need to think about the budget, where the money is, make sure committees with money are going to spend it/have people on them, I don’t know what to do with the money


Felix: we could redistribute it, create a fund


Charlie: we got an email from Catherine O’Callaghan for the committee on academic integrity, and the committee needs to have a case hearing, trying to find out who the student rep is


Felix: is that one where we nominate one of us


Charlie: do we want to have an election


(there are two students on the committee, we will notify Catherine)


(now deciding who’s going to answer the email on each day)


(Ritu is here)


Email shifts:

Monday: Ritu/Maggie

Tuesday: Seth/Izzy

Wednesday: Charlie

Thursday: Pranit/Tanner

Friday: Felix/Ariana


Charlie: we talked a little bit about elections, I want to know if we should do elections for this semester


Tanner: I would be in favor of having everyone write letters of intent


Felix: given that the people on campus last semester didn’t want positions, we’re really looking at new and returning students who might be interested, that’s a small pool


Maggie: maybe we’d have more success if it’s ad hoc, there are things that pop up, need students to help with something


Seth: are there notable gaps


Felix: probably, no one but Catherine has emailed us needing people


(talking about student reps to the trustees…)


(board book reports are due tomorrow… we are probably not going to have much to submit because Charlie didn’t learn about it until recently)


Ritu: what are some pressing issues?


Tanner: dining hall? I’m trying to make the dining hall more exciting in the evening


Maggie: what does that mean


Tanner: the dining hall is morbid for dinner, it’s very depressing


Maggie: Lunar New Year!


Tanner: could write about that…


(talking about dinner, why we don’t go, there aren’t enough students)


Tanner: Liz will make menus based on student requests, get more feedback, need a more constructive “what would you like” portion, need everyone to reinvest in going to dinner


Maggie: do y’all want the international flags back up


Felix: I want them back up


Seth: why yes!


Ritu: WRC is working with other resource centers to have a resource center opening and an art show, hoping to get entries… can Town Meeting help, could be something that TM takes up


Ariana: it’s art show, I’m art administrator, contact me directly


Seth: so we passed the resolution about identity based flags, have people had specific requests…


Maggie: I could reach out, or resource center liaison could


(Ariana is going to send an email)


Charlie: we started this with the board book report… I can guarantee you, this is not going to happen in the next day


Maggie: that’s fine


Seth: I don’t think we need to manufacture a problem to address


(talking about the campus working group student forum)


Maggie: do we need to do anything?

Charlie: give them the microphone setup


Maggie: reach out to them, ask if they need anything?


Charlie: I sent out an email… you can email and ask if there’s anything else they need, we can lend out the microphone setup


(Izzy is here)


Seth: Tuesday next week, yes?


Charlie: yes


(talking about scheduling)


Charlie: let’s talk about the TM agenda for the 29th… I don’t know if I should add an HSP address


Maggie: I like HSP addresses in general, even if it’s just like take a breath, etc.


(a bit of joking around about what could happen)


Seth: something like we’re still having TM, it probably won’t have the same functions but it’s still an open forum, we’re here to help, here to serve, but also making it up as we go along

TM Agenda 29 January 2020, as moved and passed by Selectboard


  1. HSP address
  2. Transition update
  3. Committee on staff awards
  4. Committee reports
  5. Announcements


Selectboard has voted to grant Estelle Gillman $300 from Student Interest Group funds to take students to contra dances 

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