2/5/20 Town Meeting Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, February 06, 2020

5 February 2020

Town Meeting Minutes


Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability what goes on during a Town Meeting. These minutes do not necessarily directly quote those who speak at a meeting. With questions, comments, or concerns please comment here or email selectboard@marlboro.edu.



  1. Commencement Resolution Read-In
  2. Committee Reports
  3. Announcements


(Emmanuel is apologizing for late start, we had some technical difficulties)




Izzy: the main reason for me for wanting to bring this forward was because as a senior 1 I’m thinking about next year, wherever I end up, most placed don’t have a December graduation, and I feel that for myself and other senior 1s going to a new school for three months and getting our degree, I don’t think that many of us would then return in May to walk/have graduation then, I know that I probably wouldn’t, and I felt that this time in May it would be a good time to honor those students who are in the middle of their last years at Marlboro, in the heat of writing Plan, I thought this could be a good time to honor that because there may not be another chance for current senior 1s to have that ceremony


(this is a read-in, we are going to do a question and answer period, deliberate next week)


John Willis, faculty: are you hoping that their Plan descriptions be read?


Felix: we’ll have to talk about that with whoever’s doing graduation, one of the reasons this makes sense to me is that senior 1s probably have a final Plan application and probably have that material to read if we go that route


Bronwen: I believe we’ve been reading titles anyway, not the full abstract, having a title is maybe a lower ask




Maggie: making announcement for Prizes and Scholarships, TMSF,Global Engagement, it’s summer grant season, all of the grants that you can apply for are now live online, we have been working to tweak what we’re going to ask of you this year, we’re still going to give you money for this summer, so we’re making that happen, take a look, email with a link, if you look up grants on Nook you’ll find it, deadline is February 28, Friday, noon


Allison Turner: Food Committee, met today, will be meeting Wednesdays, if you have questions/comments/compliments about dining hall, coffee shop, bring them to us, also food shelf and vending machine in addition, we’re covering all that stuff


Skye (with Amy): health and wellness, four student support groups this semester, mindfulness meditation class on Wednesdays 3:30-4:30, council on loss and change, Thursdays 1:30-2:30 HV common room, substance use group Monday 1:15 hosted by WRC, open to all, and more information and posters will be up soon


Amy: in varied planning stages, we’re going to be offering a survivor skill-building workshop, evenings hopefully on Thursday, official dates and times TBD, open to all students who have a history of trauma and want to learn day-to-day coping mechanisms, do fun activities, feel more empowered and educated


Skye: one more thing, as I’m sure we’re all very sad to hear, Dr. Idelkope is no longer the doctor, instead we have a nurse practitioner beginning full time hours next week


Jenny Ramstetter: I have announcements from two committees, the first is the combined EAC and EQC, we will be putting on an Earth Week celebration, if you have ideas of films that might be shown, events that might happen, please do let us know, and the second one is from the prizes and scholarships committee, MacArthur Prize, originated with John MacArthur who taught physics here and then in retirement taught climate change and weather classes for 25 years, prize was established, originally Robert MacArthur, his brother, ecologist, then rededicated to the whole family, what we do with this is we come up with a theme that can be used across any area of the curriculum, students submit and then the committee makes a decision about this… can anybody recall a previous theme… what we are looking for now are ideas to be the theme of this year’s prize


Skye: author, poet, playwright, critic Michael Datcher will be reading his work, talking about literature as act of resistance, tool to create a more just world, his books include Raising Fences, Animating Black and Brown Liberation, and there will also be music at this event by saxophonist and bass producer Don Chapman and bassist [didn’t hear] Swanson, Ragle Auditorium




Emmanuel: I’m hosting a DIY make your own pet toy in Schrader Lounge on Friday evening, if you want to make pets, wanted or unwanted, any kind of toy


Alex Quick, admissions counselor: this Friday we have a counselor from Castleton, if you’re interested we’ll have meetings, this Sunday we booked a van, we’re going to go down to Keene for a Bernie Sanders rally, we’ll send out a sign-up, this Sunday, doors open at 5, and third we’re also going to have a signup for students interested in going to Emerson next Friday, those are the three, Castleton, Bernie, Emerson


Della Dolcino: Tim Segar and I are doing another baking demo Sunday at 2, Valentine’s themed, we go to Tim’s house, Tim and I bake, we show you some things, probably a van at 10 driving to his house


Tracy: Trustee Tea this Friday the 7th in the library reading room


Maggie: today’s our Lunar New Year community dinner so please come,if you are a faculty member and have a quiet or fun-filled ded hour come here and help us make dumplings all through the rest of the world, there will be kung fu and tai chi (?) happening, calligraphy, dragon dance, sparklers, delicious food, bring your friends, bring your family, special games and toys for kids


Felix: define kids


Maggie: anyone, 6 minutes to 600


Felix: well I’m 600 so that’s helpful


Sophie: I represent the alum broomball team, wanted to say thank you to anyone who came, very important to us, I just wanted to say thank you


Maia: following up, talked to a lot of alumni who are not the Facebook alumni, also talked to Facebook alumni, held an event in Seattle where we had alums from 1970-2012, the amazing team that Sophie put together was not all friends, a whole hodgepodge of people, all that is to say that almost every person, this also happens in my daily life, alumni will come up to me and say “hey are you Maia,” and all of these people want me to communicate to you that what you’re seeing on Facebook is not representative of the community at large, it’s not our community, it’s not how they want it to be seen, they’re upset by it, also aware that a lot of the supportive voices out there are being silenced by the small, not tiny, group of people who are being vitriolic and counterproductive to the health of our community, they support you, they want to hear from you how they can help, if you have ideas, please share those with me, it’s really important that all of the alumni are not painted as this particular group, they are with you, with this community, wherever/however this lands


Bronwen Tate, faculty: just wanted to invite you all tomorrow night at 6:30 in Appletree there’ll be a reading by Kate Colby, she’s going to read from a book called Dream of the Trenches


Beth Ruane, librarian: I just wanted to let everyone know that Shut Up and Write is back in the library every Friday 9-noon, this Friday it’s in the reading room but normally it’s in the reference room, last week we didn’t see Matt Ollis there, it was super weird, Matt if you could come to Shut Up and Write it would be appreciated

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