2/20/2020 Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, February 20, 2020

20 Feburary 2019

Selectboard Meeting Minutes


Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability goes on during a Selectboard meeting. With questions, concerns, or corrections please comment here or email selectboard@marlboro.edu.


**NOTE: In light of recent events, Selectboard has made the decision to circulate a more abbreviated procedural version of the minutes for both Selectboard and Town Meetings. The transcript-style minutes still exist but will not be shared outside of the immediate members of the respective bodies of Selectboard and Town Meeting.**


  1. Alumni-community discussions
    1. Maia Segura, alumni director, came to the meeting to ask whether a restorative justice-style conversation between on-campus community members and alumni, facilitated by a professional non-community member, would have value
    2. general consensus is yes, there are people who are ready for and would like to have that conversation
  2. Closed meeting
  3. Town Meeting agenda:
    1. 400 seconds of silence to commemorate 1619/first year African slaves were brought to North America
    2. Marlboro’s future resolution
    3. Transition Reports
    4. Committee Reports
    5. Announcements

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