Marlboro Students Visit Emerson on Valentines Day

Early morning on the 14th of February, 40 students from Marlboro visited Emerson’s campus for Valentines day. Upon arrival, Emerson’s staff handed out purple bags full of Emerson-related goodies and split students into two groups for the day.

The red group (as in roses are…) started with a tour of Emerson’s residence hall rooms, meeting with RAs (resident assistants) on a number of floors, and asking questions about student life and hall culture. Then this group experienced firsthand some of Emerson’s academic buildings, including classrooms replicating newsrooms full of lighting equipment and cameras.

“We have desks in our classrooms but we mostly use them to lay our backpacks and jackets on” said an Emerson tour guide, “we really spend almost all of class period participating with materials and being hands-on as a team.”

The blue group (as in violets are…) started the day with an academic advising panel that included Amy Ansell, the dean of Emerson’s Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Program, and Michaele Whelan, provost and vice president of academic affairs. Students used the forum to ask questions about how tutorials would transfer into the Marlboro Institute, what the process of Plan might look like their senior year as well as advanced studies in areas such as the sciences, music, and visual arts.

“We’re here to respond to any questions you have as you’re considering your educational journey and how the future institute, as well as other areas of Emerson, could best serve you” shared Michaele Whelan. “We are all here to help with the transition of Marlboro’s values to the institute, and for those Marlboro values to truly thrive,” added Amy Ansell. “We really want to connect with you throughout this process to continue bridging that”

Each group switched places for their own tour or advising panel, then students had lunch with Emerson students in the campus dining hall. They also engaged with various officials across Emerson at a student resource fair above the dining facility later that afternoon.

“It was a little overwhelming at first” said one Marlboro student, “but I appreciate how many different support systems there are at Emerson. We’d like to do an overnight visit soon and sit in on some of their classes.”

“We look forward to hosting more visits with Marlboro students, and are certainly open to facilitating overnights,” said James Hoppe, vice president and dean of campus life at Emerson. “It gives Marlboro students a chance to really hear more about Emerson from the student perspective. We’re excited to make that happen.”

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