2/27/20 Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, February 29, 2020

27 February 2020

Selectboard Meeting Minutes


  1. Closed Meeting
    1. Charlie will be making a public announcement about the minutes at the next Town Meeting
  2. Berkeley Beacon
    1. community members are concerned about the effect of the Berkeley Beacon’s reporting on the greater Marlboro community in this difficult time, especially when we have not in the past had to create boundaries with journalists
    2. because it’s such a difficult time for the Marlboro community, we are concerned that having outsiders present and sharing our words/events/etc. out of context and outside of the community could misrepresent us or harm the community, and we are concerned that people will not feel free to act as themselves if reporters are present
    3. banning the Beacon from campus has been discussed
    4. we have decided that we will bring the Beacon’s requests to report on our events to Town Meeting so that the community can deiberate and vote on whether or not to invite their reporters to campus for each individual event
  3. Closed Meeting (again)
  4. Town Meeting Agenda
    1. agenda is as follows:
      1. HSP Address
      2. Marlboro Future Resolution (read-in)
      3. Transition Reports
      4. Committee Reports
      5. Announcements
  5. April 8 Town Meeting
    1. Catherine O’Callaghan wants to use Town Meeting on April 8 for Plan presentations
    2. the board has voted to cancel April 8 Town Meeting to accommodate this request
  6. Dining Hall Concerns
    1. the Environmental Quality Committee has shared concerns about paper cups in the Dining Hall
    2. the paper cups are often there because dishes go missing
    3. Tanner, who is responsible for checking in on people’s rooms during breaks, has said that there are no dishes in rooms and they are likely being thrown away
    4. there used to be dish bins in residence halls, they have also gone missing
    5. it has been determined that the Dining Hall Crew Chiefs have been generally very responsible and on top of their jobs, and have no particular part in the Dining Hall’s use of paper cups or lack thereof
    6. (so if you have Dining Hall dishes, especially mugs, please return them!)

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