3/4/20 Town Meeting Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, March 04, 2020

4 March 2020 

Town Meeting Minutes

Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability goes on during a Town Meeting. With questions, concerns, or corrections please comment here or email selectboard@marlboro.edu.

  • HSP Address
    • a few members of the Emerson Student Goverment Association are on campus
    • public statement regarding the Town Meeting and Selectboard minutes is as follows:
      • Over the past few weeks, Selectboard has deliberated on the format and dissemination of our minutes. We have gone back and forth on what aligns with Marlboro’s values while still prioritizing the safety and agency of our community. Over the past two years, Felix has been taking minutes that closely resemble a transcript of exactly what is said in Town Meeting. This style of minutes allows Town Meeting to be more accessible and allows us to look back on the play-by-play of what happened in each meeting. Even though Felix adds a disclaimer about these minutes not being verbatim, some still view them as an exact account of events or even use them as quotes without retaining the disclaimer. In service of protecting our community while still allowing access to Felix’s minutes, Selectboard will circulate a procedural style of minutes publicly after each Town Meeting. When I send out the agenda for the next week’s meeting, I will attach the previous meeting’s transcript-style minutes, giving the community time to read them over and request any changes or corrections. At that next Town Meeting, we will have a new agenda item to approve the previous week’s minutes. Selectboard feels as though this allows the on-campus community to exercise agency without restricting access to the play-by-play of our meetings.


Whereas members of our community would like more meaningful ways to engage in ongoing dialogue, and have healthy avenues to bring together all members of Marlboro College,


Let it be resolved that Town Meeting supports the creation of an independent committee that facilitates open discussion about the preservation of Marlboro College.


The committee would have access to records, financial and otherwise. It would hold a weekly panel to hear ideas. Ideas would be organized and evaluated in a weekly report and made publicly available along with meeting minutes.


The committee will be composed of:

Two elected students

Two elected Faculty

Two elected Staff

Two Alumni put forward by alumni council

Up to two Marlboro town residents resolved by Marlboro Town Selectboard


The committee would report findings monthly to the board of trustees and give updates at Town Meeting. All meetings will be completely open to all.

    • questions were raised about the nature of the records this committee would be requesting and the committee’s potential access, as well as how each committee member would be chosen
    • the point was raised that this isn’t a bylaws change
    • it was moved to vote on this resolution today
      • the motion is seconded and passed
    • there was deliberation, largely revolving around the campus’s grief and various options for our campus’s future
    • the question was called
    • the resolution was voted down
  • Transition Reports
    • campus working group
      • the group has been working throughout the semester
      • they are working with a consultant to look at options for communicating about the campus with other organizations
        • he is in conversations with other organizations and potential brokers to find a good fit
      • they are getting a third-party assessment to validate operating costs
      • they did a survey for students and are compiling the results
      • they sent a board report to the trustees
      • the group continues to value land conservation on campus
      • with questions contact Malaya Wright or Lydia Nuhfer
    • special board meeting, reported on by Kevin
      • the board met on Saturday
      • the focus was to get updates for working groups
      • the trustees were pleased with the work the groups have done and would like to express gratitude to the groups and to our community
  • Committee Reports
    1. no committee reports
  • Announcements
    • two concerts coming up:
      • Felix Jarrar ’16 at 7 PM on March 6
      • Layale Chaker and Sarafand at 3 PM on March 8
    • Ian McManus is hosting a politics and coffee event during dedicated hour today
    • 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee musical performance this weekend
      • March 7 at 7 PM
      • March 8 at 1 PM
      • the show includes mild swearing and sexual references and is slightly interactive
    • Onur wants to talk about not supporting Bernie Sanders
      • he is asking people not to consider people who don’t support Bernie to be non-progressive
      • says that people view Bernie as authoritarian rather than progressive and cites various authoritarian regimes
      • if you are also not feeling the Bern he is open to conversation about that
    • there is an independent group considering the content of the resolution
      • ibelieveinmarlborocollege.org

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