3/5/20 Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, March 06, 2020

Minutes are taken by Selectboard Clerk Felix and reflect to the best of my ability what goes on during Selectboard meeting. With comments, questions, or corrections please email selectboard@marlboro.edu

  1. Closed Meeting
  2. Response to Email from T Wilson
    1. T has emailed us about Town Meeting, concerns are:
      1. the resolution put forward was unclear and prompted questions
      2. an alumna/auditing student was blocked from recording the meeting and that is not banned in the bylaws
      3. he has learned that we are still planning on bringing resolutions to Town Meeting to decide whether or not to invite the Berkeley Beacon to campus and believes that this limits freedom of press
    2. our response will include:
      1. voting to record a meeting is a part of Robert’s Rules, and our bylaws state that we follow Robert’s Rules as interpreted by the moderator, who sustained the point of order
        1. recording is an issue of safety and consent, especially since there are members of our community who could be put in danger if their images are shared
      2. the Marlboro Future resolution was brought to Town Meeting after extensive conversation with many administrators and community members, during which many concerns were raised, after which it was the choice of the language’s writer whether or not to bring it to Town Meeting
      3. we are having conversations with the Beacon about the ethics and impact of journalism on a vulnerable community
        1. we are not banning them, we are putting systems in place that allow them access and invite them to community events
  3. Emerson SGA Visit
    1. members of the Emerson College Student Government Association visited campus and had conversations with members of the Marlboro Selectboard
    2. we would like to have events where more Emerson students can come to Marlboro and where we can create understanding and connections between the two institutions
    3. we are concerned that such events could become an opportunity for voyeurism and we recognize a need to create these opportunities while also maintaining mutual respect
    4. we feel like their presence at Town Meeting was positive in that it helped them understand us and it didn’t seem to prevent deliberation
    5. we would like to find other opportunities such as sitting in on classes and sharing a day in the life of a Marlboro student
  4. Health and Wellness Committee Budget
    1. Health and Wellness has requested to expand their budget from $50
    2. we have suggested that they request from reserve or Student Interest Group funds or that they reach out to the Total Health Center or residential life for funds from those departments
  5. Town Meeting Agenda
    1. agenda is as follows:
      1. Holi Presentation
      2. Transition Reports
      3. Committee Reports
      4. Announcements
  6. Closed Meeting
  7. Meeting Adjourned

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