3/11/20 Town Meeting Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, March 29, 2020


  1. President’s Address
  2. Approval of Previous Town Meeting Minutes
  3. Holi Presentation
  4. Transition Reports
  5. Committee Reports
  6. Announcements


  1. President’s Address
    1. the college sent out a message about taking measures against COVID-19
    2. many colleges are closing their doors and going to remote classes
    3. some students will be able to stay on campus if they have a compelling reason
    4. considering remote learning but have not made a decision yet
      1. (in the time between this Town Meeting and the posting of the minutes, Marlboro has moved to remote learning for the rest of the year)
    5. many students have questions and concerns, there is a lot of uncertainty
    6. after this agenda item there is a motion to adjourn
      1. seconded and voted down
  2. Approval of Previous Town Meeting Minutes
    1. Town Meeting votes to approve the previous week’s minutes
  3. Resolution is introduced on the floor
    1. Language: The Town Meeting assembly resolves that the Board of Trustees should release the agreement with Emerson College, referred to as a “non-binding Term Sheet”, and make it available in writing to current students, faculty and staff upon request
    2. resolution is postponed until after break
  4. Holi Presentation
    1. cut short
    2. community dinner is happening
    3. festival of colors outside the Dining Hall
  5. Meeting adjourned

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