3/12/20 Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Selectboard Clerk Felix, March 29, 2020

  1. Selectboard is working on contingency plans
    1. we are looking into ways to provide financial support for travel and remote learning/Plan work, in part by using the Washer/Dryer fund
    2. we are working to remain adaptable
  2. Closed Meeting
    1. Izzy Swarbrick was granted $1050 from the Reserve Fund for community meals over spring break
    2. Cyane Thomas has been granted $100 from Student Interest Group funds for KPOP club
  3. Correcting Town Meeting minutes
    1. Izzy, being a wonderful human being, took over Town Meeting minutes and needs to make sure they were accurate
  4. Town Meeting agenda April 1:
    1. Washer/Dryer Funds Request for Flag
    2. Term Sheet Resolution
    3. Transition Reports
    4. Committee Reports
    5. Announcements

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