Academic Probation

A full-time student who earns fewer than 12 credits of C- or better is liable for academic probation. Academic probation is automatic at 9, 10, or 11 credits and must be voted by the faculty at 8 credits or fewer (see Guided Probation, below). Students who show a flagrant disregard for their academic responsibilities (for instance, by failing to attend classes regularly or by failing to submit required work) may be placed on academic probation by vote of the faculty prior to the end of the semester.

When a student on Plan receives a report of unsatisfactory (U) from his or her sponsor at the end of a semester, he or she will be liable for academic probation even if he or she earns 12 or more credits at C- or better.

To get off Academic Probation or Guided Probation, a student must meet the minimum requirement for good standing (12 credits of C- or better) by the end of the semester immediately following that which led to probation.


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