The library remembers Grant Li & Paul Nelsen

Like all Marlboro College professors, Grant Li and Paul Nelsen made their mark on the Rice-Aron Library collection.

Marlboro College faculty play a significant role in developing the library collection and Paul Nelsen and Grant Li were no exception.

Grant contributed to a highly-anticipated encyclopedia of Chinese linguistics and was very proud of his work and the work as a whole. When it came purchasing the multi-volume work, he even kindly helped the library get a discount.

One of Paul’s particular interests was our Shakespeare film collection. He worked to make sure the library had new films of Shakespeare and with great patience saw the collection through from from VHS to DVDs (although we still have VHS!!).

  • 10 film versions of King Lear at the Marlboro College Library
    Amber Hunt
  • Grant Li’s book at the Marlboro College Library
    Amber Hunt


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