Marlboro Cuts Tuition by a Third

Reduced sticker price will remove barriers, provide clarity for students who would thrive at Marlboro.

Marlboro College believes it has a responsibility to make its distinctive educational model accessible to as many students as possible. For this reason and others, the college is cutting its tuition by a third, starting with the 2019-2020 academic year: from $39,870 to $26,500.

“The reduced ‘sticker price’ will remove a psychological barrier to many students who would thrive at Marlboro,” said Fumio Sugihara, director of admissions and financial aid. “It also enables students to leverage their federal aid and family contributions to go a lot further. There will be less confusion in the application process, and we will be able to have more clarity in providing financial aid to our students.”

Affordability has always been important to Marlboro College. Historically, among peers of similar nationally ranked colleges, Marlboro maintained a low sticker price while being among the most generous in terms of meeting financial need and providing merit scholarships. Even as tuition has increased over the years, our net-cost for students remained relatively low. With the perceived cost becoming prohibitive for many students, however, addressing this is a top priority as the college seeks to grow its enrollment.

“By resetting the cost of tuition, Marlboro is taking a bold step toward addressing the inherent flaws associated with high tuition operational models,” said President Kevin. “This opportunity gives the college time to recruit more students and further explore other options to keep Marlboro affordable and accessible to future generations of students.” Despite the reduced tuition, Marlboro will continue to offer merit- and need-based financial aid to every qualified applicant.

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