Branch Out to Receive Upgrade

Marlboro’s online community will have more functionality and fun after a significant upgrade in early 2019.

Since it’s launch last summer, the Marlboro College online community called Branch Out has gained nearly 500 members, including 126 who are willing to be mentors for students and alumni. Now Branch Out will be getting an upgrade in early 2019, giving users more functionality and more connection fun. As a result of the acquisition of the platform’s developer, Vine Up, by industry leader Graduway, Branch Out stands to benefit from the best that both companies have to offer.

Branch Out is an online platform enjoyed exclusively by Marlboro College students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, and used for the purpose of mentoring, connecting, networking, and accessing jobs, events, and resource information. Following the upgrade, the new Branch Out will maintain the features that Marlboro community members demanded, like the ability for users to create interest groups and post job and event content, while having a more user-friendly and fun interactive experience that is more in line with expectations of social media today.

The upgrade is scheduled to occur early in 2019. Current members will not need to rejoin or adjust profiles, and new members are encouraged to continue to join in the meantime at

  • A chart of participation in Branch Out by graduation year shows that the class of 2018 has the highest participation at 6.51 percent.


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