2017 Graduates Added to Virtual Plan Room

Fifteen members of the class of 2019 recently had excerpts of their Plan of Concentration added to the online resource for prospective students to explore Plans.

“The most memorable part of Plan was conducting extensive research, more for my own education than for the paper,” said Robert Kinoy ’19, reflecting on his Plan of concentration in politics and sociology. “I found it interesting to explore the relationship between economic uncertainty and nativism, and how scarcity can prime people to see race relations as a competition. Robert was one of 15 members of the class of 2019 to recently have an excerpt of their Plan of Concentration added to the virtual Plan Room, Marlboro College’s online resource for exploring Plan subjects and an outstanding feature of the college’s new website.

The Plan of Concentration is each student’s final work of scholarship at Marlboro, a challenging, exhilarating, and uniquely rewarding academic experience that invites them to pursue their singular intellectual passions. At the end of a two-year process, each student submits their Plan for formal review by one or more faculty sponsors as well as an outside evaluator with expertise in the subject area.

The Rice-Aron Library has a room dedicated to the bound Plans of Concentration for every Marlboro student, a testament to their diverse scholarly visions. But for those interested in learning more about Plans without access to the library, the college devised the virtual Plan Room, a collection of summaries, excerpts, and reflections on the Plan experience from some of Marlboro’s outstanding students.

“I mostly recall a feeling of excitement at developing my ideas and seeing them reach a completed state,” said Henry Robinson ’19, who completed a Plan in ceramics titled “Post Cute: Beyond craft and cool Japan.” “It wasn’t all as climactic as I thought it would be, but deeply satisfying. The most interesting part of my Plan is definitely the ceramic sculptures I made. There is still so much to discover and evolve with that.”

The Plans added to the Virtual Plan Room for the class of 2019 were chosen based on recommendations by faculty members and the students’ permission, and represent a wide range of subjects. From interdisciplinary Plans in economics and languages to creative writing and sociology, the Virtual Plan Room allows visitors to filter the Plans included by Field of Concentration for a diversity of individual subjects and perspectives.

“I remember the moments of shared support the most: my friends and I bringing food to each other, talking through our ideas and process, and helping each other go over copy edits,” said Kristen Thompson, who focused her Plan in environmental studies on sustainable land use. “I enjoyed holding community gardening events for my landscaping project and seeing everyone stepping up to help and teach one another about the planting process.”

  • A detail of the ceramics work of Henry Robinson ’19 as presented in his Plan show titled “Post Cute.”


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