Student Profile: Charlie Hickman

Caring about community

On choosing Marlboro

I found Marlboro because I was very lucky and got to go to a college prep high school and I had some really excellent college counselors who got a pamphlet from Marlboro and they were like, this sounds like you. I hadn’t really found a place that I felt quite fit me right, and so when I came and visited Marlboro I had this like feeling of, wow, this is where I’m supposed to be. It also helps that it’s away from home, it’s a new landscape, it’s new people, and that’s exactly what I wanted.

Charlie Hickman performs during Dances in the Rough.

On going outside

What sustains me at Marlboro is the trails. I love walking on the trails. It’s a great way to recuperate and see the beauty of the forest. Especially throughout the seasons, going on the same trails and seeing how things change and grow and evolve.

On Town Meeting

Marlboro has had a huge impact on me. I’ve only been here for two years, and my first year here I didn’t even show up to Town Meeting. I just wanted to do my thing and not really be seen. Now I have no problem standing up at Town Meeting and saying what I think. I am on the Dean’s Advisory Committee. I am taking on these really important roles in the college and that’s something that I never thought I was going to do. But I learned the skills to take on these more important roles because I care about my community here so much.

Charlie Hickman at Town Meeting.

On students

Students are so crucial to Marlboro because we are really the life force. Social dynamics change so much each year, because there’s so much turnover between classes that each year there’s new energy and new vigor and that can help us push along. I now feel responsible to advocate for students who feel a little intimidated by our history and our traditions, or the social atmosphere here. I really take it upon myself to be an advocate for these people and to help make them feel at home here.

On advice for new students

If I was going to say something to an incoming student I would tell them that this is a place where, if you can advocate for yourself and you are confident that you can make change, this is the place where you can do that. This is the place where you can really make change in a college, rather than working within a construct.

  • Charlie Hickman speaks at Town Meeting.



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