Kat Cannon-MacMartin

Academic Year

Junior 1

Academic Interests

My main fields of study are Mathematics and Computer Science, with a specific focus on the theory of parallel and distributed systems. I am also interested in linguistics and history, though I haven’t devoted much time to studying them.

Inspiring Courses I've Taken

The two most inspiring courses I have taken at Marlboro were Calculus 2 with Matt Ollis, and Computer Systems with Jim Mahoney. While I generally disliked the specific subject matter in Calculus 2, the format in which Matt taught the class was absolutely revolutionary in terms of how I thought about math. This class (my first math class at Marlboro) showed me that math can be explored, rather than simply bashed into one’s head. Calculus 2 helped me change from someone who swore they would never take a math class they didn’t have to, into someone who now takes them for fun. Computer Systems also opened up a whole new world for me, introducing me to elements of Computer Science that I had not previously even imagined. This introduction helped me discover my passionate interest in computer systems, which I still study to this day.

Thoughts on Marlboro

Marlboro provides you with an amazing opportunity to take a deep dive into something you are passionate about. There is a great academic support network and lots of resources to help you produce some really impressive work while you’re here.

Favorite Places on Campus

If I’m being honest, probably my office, but that’s a bit biased. Otherwise, the science building lounge is a nice place to sit and do work, especially because it has a vending machine! If the weather is nice it’s always pleasant to take a walk through the woods and if I’m sitting outside, I really like to park myself in front of Howland.

Goals Before Graduating

I would really like to create a piece of Plan work that is of good enough quality to be published in a journal. Besides that, I think I want to get better at cooking, play at least a couple games for the Marlboro soccer team, and maybe become the Computer Science tutor.

Advice for New Students

Try and find a good balance between academics and your social life. Don’t give up on one or the other (yet), because your first two years are when it’s easiest to both maintain good friendships and also do well in your classes. If you neglect academics, you’ll be brutalized by Writing Requirement, but if you neglect your social life you’ll become terribly isolated. Ease off on the credits your first semester and make sure to leave your room often.




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